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September 29, 2019

“Yes Father, we receive what You have for us. We receive what this new era is about, Father God. We receive the power of Your resurrection, Father God. It’s about the power, Father God. It’s about illuminating in Your power, Father God. It’s about walking in the power of Your resurrection, Father God. It’s going beyond the grave, it’s going beyond existence. It is the power of Your resurrection, Father. Yes, Father God, we submit to You, Father God and we invite the power of Your resurrection to illuminate us, Father God.”

“I’m going to tell you, when I was growing up in the Baptist church, and the pastor would come and he would preach Phillippians 3:10, I didn’t want to hear it. I wanted to run out and I didn’t want to stay. Because something in my spirit didn’t bear witness to what he was saying. And he said, and it says, I want you to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. To know the power of His resurrection. You see, we talk about the power of His death and we have honored death instead of life. Come off of it folks! He is a living God. He is about life. He is not about death. And to know the power of His resurrection, He rolled the stone away. He rolled the stone away and He can roll it out of your life. He can bring you out of anything you are bound in. It’s just if you will surrender to Him. He rolled stones and that’s what this song is about. He is a stone roller and it’s all about the power of His resurrection.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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