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October 31, 2021

As I was driving over here this morning, I was praying about some specific things, and as I begin to just praise the Lord, and we know what day this is. It’s a day of celebration. It’s a day of honoring the Lord Jesus Christ. And I was reminded, and I’m going to share this. Years ago, my husband and I were youth pastors at a specific church and I was in prayer and intercession. And I kept seeing witchcraft. And the Lord also showed me some specific things where people were meeting in the occult chanting doing curses and spells. And so I called the pastor and his wife, and this was before I even knew about really going out and praying on the land. I said, the Lord said, and I told them what the Lord had shown me and I said, I really feel that we need to go over to the church, pray over the property and walk the land. So my husband and I, the pastor and his wife and my children, at the time Jacob was in 9th or 10th grade. Jessica was a little bitty thing and we had only a flashlight, because it was at night, we went over there. The only flashlight we could find in the house was one of those little toy flashlights that had a radio in it and it was yellow and around the light it was red. And we were walking and we begin to pray. We went behind the church and there it was on the back of the door. Somebody had painted a pentagram. As soon as we started praying, that radio came on by itself and it was that song “Our God is an awesome God.” And we removed it and prayed over it. And it left such an impact on my daughter. She hasn't forgotten it. She’s used it time and time again with different things, and different people, about how awesome God is. So the impressions and the encounters that children have with the Holy Spirit, when things like that happen, leaving a lasting impact.on them.

And so the Lord reminded me that because of what today is and how the enemy comes in and tries to steal those teeth with candy, and so they can't have a voice. It affected their, their their chemical and that’s what the enemy was showing me and how praise and worship and honoring Him is a weapon. We know that but it's a weapon. So the Lord said put on a garment of praise and praise Me. Praise Me this morning, and we do that. We do that. We're gonna give honor and glory to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, who is Jesus Christ. We're gonna silence the enemy. Because we already know that he is defeated. He is defeated, he is defeated in Jesus' name. So Father, we come into Your presence with thanksgiving in our hearts. We lift up the name of Jesus, the name that’s above every name. We honor you. We exalt You, we worship God, for you are all powerful.

Father, Thank you. That just as that light came on and that flashlight, you are shining the light of Your Spirit into the darkness and exposing things that need to be exposed. And I thank You, Father, that You search our hearts and you help us Holy Spirit, to come into alignment with You. Father, I thank You that as we yield to you, we honor you, we bless You, we exalt You. Lord, there is no other God that is more powerful than You. You are the true, living God. You are El Shaddai, You are Elohim. You are Jehovah Jireh, Father, You are the God that can do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or imagine. And I thank You Father, that We have the mind of Christ. Father, I thank You that we can do all things in Christ to strengthen us. Father I thank You that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. And so Father, I thank You, Father, for Your glory. I thank You for Your miracles. I thank You for Healing, I thank You for deliverances, I thank You Father for the shifting of what You're doing in the Spirit realm, but also in the natural with each and every one of us with the Ecclesia. I Thank You Father, that a creation is at attention with You this morning.. We call it, we call creation to attention to harken unto the voice of the Lord and to cooperate with Holy Spirit, what He's doing, in each and every one of us what He's doing with us corporately, what He's doing, across this land what He's doing across this nation and other nations in this world. For Father, we don't succumb to the enemy, but we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Jesus.


A couple of Sundays ago I prophesied what I was seeing in the spirit realm about Jesus, Smith Wigglesworth, and T.L. Osbourne in heaven. It was like a conference room and they were strategizing about some things. And I just saw him again and I heard Jesus and the Holy Spirit say, what has been planned has already been released from heaven. Whatever was going on, whatever they were talking about, I don't know. But I just heard him say and I heard I saw him again. And I heard Jesus say and the Holy Spirit say it has been released on the earth. Hallelujah.


So it’s time to glide with Holy Spirit. See yourself on the other side, on the other side. So then when you step in on the other side, you're into victory. You know the enemy. God doesn't want us and the enemy tries to keep us continuously looking with what's right in front of us. But when we see through the eyes of Holy Spirit, and we were able to see from that aerial view, we begin to see the plan of God, we begin to see ourselves victorious. We begin to see that we were on the other side of the circumstances or whatever the enemy or whatever is, is distracting us. So you got to see yourself on the other side of victory into victory in Jesus' name. Hallelujah.



Eyes are being open in the spirit realm. Eyes are being opened in the natural, for the healing anointing is flowing. There's healing. There's healing. I'm seeing blind eyes open, spiritual blind eyes being open to truth.


Father God, we welcome your shift. We welcome your move in this place. On this land we call forth for those blind eyes to be open. We call in signs, wonders, miracles. We call in the revelation of Holy Spirit in this place. We say Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord come. We call in those people who are wounded warriors. We call in the lame soldiers. We call in God's army to come. We decree this day that this is a healing place. This is a place where we are going to be revived. We call in the sick, we call in the wounded. We call in the Bride of Christ to come. We swing wide the doors. We open the doors. We say God, we need to move in this place. We welcome the move. We welcome Your Spirit, we welcome this shift. King Jesus, we enthrone You today. We magnify Your name this day. We honor You as our King. We honor You as our healer, we honor You as our kinsmen redeemer. Come Lord Jesus come. Come, Holy Spirit. Blow In this place. Come Father. Have Your way. Heal us and cleanse us and renew that steadfast spirit in us Father, that we may take our rightful place, that we may walk in victory, that we will conquer fear and that we will partner with what You're doing on the earth.


I heard the Lord call this place the gate beautiful. And when I looked it up, it says physical maladies are healed. But also Jesus can raise us up from sitting outside the beautiful presence of God and give us a new life that allows us to enter into God's presence. So Father we just ask physically and spiritually. Father we call in those that need to step in Father. Physically to healing and spiritually to healing Lord and that is a gate. And Ruthann taught a few weeks ago about the gate, so we say in Psalm 24 that You come through that gate Lord. Lift up your head oh gate. Yes, we will be that gate. Lift up your head oh gate and open up you ancient doors of Revelation. So You Jesus, can enter in. You Jesus, crowned with a patina gold crown. You Jesus come in and sit down. We’ve prepared a place for you here Lord, and yes, we say this is the gate beautiful for your new living Kingdom temple in Jesus name.


So to correlate with that gate, what I heard was It's time for the treasures to be unleashed. But you have to open the gates to the ports and that goes specifically to Roger, Martha, and Barbara.


So what I've been seeing for a few minutes now is whoever, gate beautiful, gate beautiful, okay. And then there was something else. It was building in the spirit that, so what I've done is I have started calling them in and there's a lot of activity in the spirit realm. I believe the Lord is calling in. So we receive them today before we see them. We receive them. those who are called in, the lame., the blind, spiritually and physically.


So Father, we welcome what Jan was saying, Jesus came for the sick, He came for the sick. Spiritually, mentally, and physically. So Father, we welcome them, we welcome them. I’m just going to tag onto what Jan was saying. You are welcome here. You are so welcome here. You're safe here, you are safe here because Jesus is our high tower and we run into Him and we are safe. Hallelujah Hallelujah. Father, I just thank You for those that have been in bondage, they've been hidden in the dark. We say come out of the darkness into the light in Jesus’ name and receive your healing. Receive your healing. Receive your healing. And you know when Shane was playing this, what I was seeing was the army angels. When Konnie released, by the Lord and they had this little step going to the beat, to the rhythm. And before that, I had seen the angels arresting the enemy in strategic places in people’s hearts. They have been bound up, locked up and arresting the enemy. So Father, I thank You for freedom. I thank You for freedom. I thank You that just as Laurita talked about the gate beautiful, Father You are beautiful in every way. And Father your light shines. Your light illuminates the darkness and illuminates truth. I thank You Father that Your light heals. Your light delivers. Your light causes prosperity to come into people's lives. Spiritually mentally, physically in every aspect, Father. Father, I Thank You for the light of Your Word. I thank You, Father. Hallelujah. . Father, we honor You, we praise You. We praise You, Father. Oh Father, I thank You that we are on the other side of victory. We are walking in victory. Father we see ourselves victorious in Christ Jesus we see ourselves victorious.


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