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September 12, 2021

I sense that there was something about even in that place in Mississippi where it’s so hard they haven’t figured out how to drill through it to get all the reserves and all the oil that’s underneath. It’s like we’re even in that place and I even see pieces fall up from off the bottom even as we are hitting that place that has not been able to be broken through in the past in this state.


Ok, now let Holy Spirit come. Let the Holy Spirit come and drill down in each one of us. Drill. We let You drill with Your fire, with Your anointing. We say Holy Spirit come and drill into each one of us. Bring Your fire and let it come. Let the power of the Holy Spirit come and let Him fill you. Let Him drill. Let Him drill to the next place in each one of us. Come down and down and down and down. And the power of the Holy Spirit infill. Let Him infill but let Him drill out what’s holding you back. Let Him drill out what’s holding Him back in you. Oh Lord go deep, deep, deep into the womb. Our birthing place, Father God where we’ve been holding back, letting You birth the next thing in the earth through us, Father God. Drill, drill, drill down deep in us.

Ruth Ann

So Father, we hear the Lion of the tribe of Judah. We hear Your roar this day and we allow You to raise us up and train us. And train us. We are willing to go into that school of training where You teach us to roar like the Lion of the tribe of Judah. So Father, we hear Your roar this day and we submit Father, God. We submit to where that takes us. So Father, I hear the Lion of the tribe of Juday roaring. And He’s roaring, and He’s roaring and He will not stop roaring in this land.

Ruth Ann

Now let the lion’s roar go deep in you. Let it go deep down in you. Let it go to places that you’ve been holding away from the Lion of Judah. Let it go. Let it drill deep and deep and deep. And some of you need to let go and say I’ll take another dose of the Holy Ghost. I’ll take another dose, I’ll take another level of power. I’ll take another level of power of the Holy Ghost.

Ruth Ann

I’m going to share what I was seeing a while ago. As I was singing, the Lion of the tribe of Judah and with the roar came fire. It came fire and I heard the Lord say that I am burning out those things which aren’t of Me and I am purifying those things and bringing them out as diamonds deep within you. And then all of a sudden, I saw the breath of the Holy Ghost and He begin to roar as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. And this is what He said, talking about mindsets here. We think about wind, and we think about how Holy Spirit will spread but I saw the breath of God coming out of the Lion of the tribe of Judah and He said to me, I am blowing out the enemy. I am blowing out the enemy that’s hidden in your soul, that’s hidden deep within your flesh. And I saw the fire again. So as He burns and as He’s blowing today, let the sound of the fire penetrate those things within you that need burning out. Let the wind, the sound of His breath blow out the enemy. And as you get a dose of the Holy Ghost, when I think about a dose of the Holy Ghost, I think it’s unlimited to what He can do. What He wants to do.


I just have to say this. Sir, I don’t know who you are but I want to tell you what I saw. I saw you as a little boy probably anywhere from 8-10 years old. And I saw you stepping out and leaving the past behind and stepping into the new. And the Lord says, you are right on time. No more will the enemy bind you up and confuse you and bring chaos into your life. As you let the Holy Ghost fire burn with all His might, the wind of His Spirit is thrusting you into your destiny. So I saw you leave that little boy behind. And you stepped out in the new and you are right on time.


So let His fire come. Let His fire come again. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost just come and burn in you. Come and burn. Burn deep down. Burn deep down. Burn deep into bodies that’s carrying any sickness in it. Let it burn, let it burn. let it burn. And we say healing all the way through your body. The fire, the anointing of healing come upon you. The anointing of healing. Healing and restoration. Healing of emotions. We just say emotional healing, let it burn deep into your soul. Let it come deep in your soul. Let God take away those things that’s held you back from the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Let the Holy Spirit burn it out and the burning goes deep, deep, deep into your soul. Let Him pierce your soul and divide it and let Him divide soul and spirit today that your spirit man can soar and your soul will match your spirit man and come under your spirit man and soar forth this day. So healing Father. Bring great emotional healing this day, Father God. Great emotional healing Father. Fire. Let the fire burn the emotions. Let the fire take away all the pain of the past. Let the fire take away the loss. Let the fire of God burn. Let the Holy Spirit come deeper, let Him come deeper. Let Him drill in you this day and drill it out. Healing and healing and healing. Healing for all of the past.

Ruth Ann

What I’m hearing for you sir, is to get up and dance to get out of the old and step into the new. There is a dance in you. I’m seeing a Davidic dance and the Lord is wanting you to get out and get up and partner with the word of the Lord today. I can become even more undignified than this. Everybody dance the dance of David and dance the dance of freedom this day. There’s joy in the house.


Now take that roar and let it go down deep in you. Deeper and deeper. Let the Holy Spirit go some place He’s never touched in your life. Let Him go deep. Let that roar, let the Lion of the tribe of Judah, let His sound come out of you. Let it come in you and out of you.

Ruth Ann

Now turn to the sound of the marching of the Lord in this new place, in this new place as He burns in you. This is a new march, this is a new sound, this is a new command, this is a new march. So Father, we just say fill us and fill us and fill us some more. Fill us and fill us more, Father.

Ruth Ann

This is a word that I had for this city. I saw this city on a high hill growing to a dramatic size and it seemed to swallow up all of the eastern part of Mississippi as it continued to grow larger and larger and as it continued to grow and take up more and more territory, I saw people walking out of the city with olive branches and harps and I heard a voice say those whose hearts are for Me will go first.


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