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November 14, 2021

“When I walked in this morning and the presence of the Lord was so strong and as I sat there and as I got up and I stood up there was an angel standing beside me on my right side. And I heard the Lord say the angels are here to work with us. The angels are here to work with us. This morning. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.”


“You know we sing a lot about pressing in, and pressing in, and pressing in, and the Lord says He is pressing into us. He is pressing into us. And I heard the Lord say it is not about you it’s not about me, it’s about Him. And when we talk about and we sing about poured out, pour it out, pour it out. And I heard the Lord say what is the ‘it’? What is it that you are pouring out? And it’s more of His glory. It is more of a transformation in each and everyone of us so we can look like Him. So when people see us, they don’t see us for who we are, but they see Jesus in us. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. So He is pressing into us. Press out Lord whatever is in me that’s not of you, in Jesus name. Press out, press it out, press it out, press it out. I release that to you God, I release that to you Holy Spirit. Press it out. Hallelujah. So Lord You can shine through me, Father. That Your glory will shine through all of us. Hallelujah. Glory. And sometimes that pressing don’t feel too good. But Lord, we surrender, we surrender. I surrender, Lord. Hallelujah.”


“There is a healing anointing that has been released. My arm was hurting and I said oh Lord, please get rid of it. Now it’s gone.”


“So Father, we just thank You for the healing. We just thank You for the healing anointing that’s here today Father. We thank You Father God that today bodies can be healed. We thank You Father God that swelling in ankles can come out. Somebody is watching and we say swelling in the ankles come out. We say healing Father God. We thank You, Father God. We thank You that Your sound heals us at the root of the disease today Father. So Father God, we thank You that the anointing is here to take land. To take land for You Father God. It’s Your land and where man has claimed it, Father God. We repent that we let him have it and we reach into the land and we pull it back into your kingdom Father because it’s yours. For yours is the power, the glory, Yours is everything Father. There’s nothing that’s not Yours Lord Jesus. So Angels we invite you, we invite the angelic host of heaven. And we send the angelic host out from here to work with You and we say come in and come out. Let this be Your portal of entrance into this lane. We open those gates and to you oh heavens. Oh heavenly host of Yahweh, we open these gates to You. For this to be Your place to ascend and descend. To magnify the presence of Yahweh, to bring healing to Your people to go into the hospitals and to release the people from the hospital into their healing and into their destiny Father. So Father God, we release Your sound. Your sound of Your waves, it’s the sound of Your roar. The sound Father God of the endless of who you are. Endless, endless is who You are.”

Ruth Ann

“So what I saw was, what I heard was in asking for the healing of the land, we need to be specific about what healing we want to see. So dear Heavenly Father, I ask for the release of land from bloodshed, from envy, from pride, from jealousy, from hatred, from anger,. And what I saw was, I saw each of us in a field and there were rows in this field and what we were doing, we were picking up what looked like rocks. Everyone was bending over and picking up rocks and putting them in a bag, picking them up and putting them in a bag. And I asked the Lord, what is that? What are we doing? And he said we are picking up the deposits from the land that the enemy had left. Fool's gold. That’s what I heard.”


“Open and hold up the living word of God. And we welcome the Spirit of life in his word to be released completely and thoroughly in this place. And we welcome and we release the quick powerful, sharper than any two edged sword, and we release it in this place right now and begin to divide soul and spirit so that the soul cannot interfere with the understanding of the Spirit and there is a complete and a new release of the Spirit today and an understanding heart that comes with the Spirit. So we release life in the Spirit of the word here today. And we welcome you into this place.”


“He is leading us into unknown victory.”


“When Ruth Ann came up here and talked to us I kept seeing break, break, break. And I’m thinking Lord that just doesn’t fit in. But yes it does. Because the angels are here to work with us and we can ask them what to do and tell them what to do according to your assignment and what the Lord has sent you here to do. So when Rahka was talking about the cross roads, I heard break, break. So angels of the Lord go and break that stronghold on the cross roads in this nation. And these four states that are connected break, break, break, break, break.”


“This morning in prayer, the Lord said to call out breaking. Breaking of all kinds. But first with us because it’s going to be us to be set free because we’re going to go into the crossroads. But it’s God that’s breaking everything off of us first and then we are going to carry that and we will literally go into the crossroads and we will go into the nations. But it’s not just for us because God is wanting to heal the body of Christ and bring a uniting of the body of Christ. He’s wanting to break the crap that’s been on the body of Christ and off the body of Christ and to unite us. Because he is releasing the body of Christ into the nation and so Sonja, you are right on but it starts the breaking with us. So anything that is on you that has hindered you in the past, it will be broken.”


“So we’ve got to let God break our mindsets. That’s the first thing that’s got to break is the way we think. When Rahka said we were picking up fool's gold and put it in the bag, God asked me what is it used for. Are you good with me? We have to break a mindset. Fool’s gold is used to make car batteries, appliances, jewelry, and machinery. And it tells you where the copper veins are. When you find it you’re going to find copper. Come on God, get us reframed. That means we would control. If we control, the body of Christ, will pick up the fool's gold and follow it to the copper, we would control the communication because that is what it is built on.”

Ruth Ann

“I’m going to read this out of the King James. In thou Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, aren’t not the least among the princes of Judah; for out of you shall come a governor that shall rule My people Israel. The Lord spoke to me and He said do not look at yourselves as being too small or being the least. Because He is able to do great things with a small group out of a hidden place in a small state that can rule. So don’t discount yourselves.”


“So Father let our mindset break. Break it down. We don’t know where we’re going but we’re going with You. We will just break a mindset. Just let it go. You know the best way to describe it is this. When you get all “gu-gu eyed” at somebody and you think I could spend my life with you, you don’t know where you’re going. You don’t know what it’s going to bring but you will walk out and let a mindset change you. You will walk out in a thing like that and you will let it change your whole being just because you got “gu-gu eyed” at someone. Is that not true? It’s really true. It will change everything about you. Are you good with me? Some people, some of us have walked out and said OK I will just follow. I don’t know where I’m going. I got “gu-gu eyed” at you, right? And we will break our mindset and our belief system all the way to follow. Will be not? We have to let God break us that way. Is that not true? We have to let God break us that way. Are you good? The word was break. Just break our mindsets today. We give you our mindset. Some of you just need to give Him your mindset, just give Him your mindset. Let Him have it and let Him break it.”

Ruth Ann

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