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September 29, 2019

“And one of the things that was spoken this weekend, he was talking about miracles. And when Ruth Ann talks about resurrection power, we think of healings and stuff like that. I think it was Kent Maddox who spoke and he talked about someone who was in prison and was released and really wanted to do prison ministry. But because he had that on his record he couldn’t. Somebody said just go see. And when he went back, they had no record that he had ever been in prison. God totally wiped that out! OK, so we want to say I can’t do this, etc. but when you’re talking about resurrection power, there aren’t any limits. God can totally remove in a moment what was. So we have got to shift our minds in this season and our words to be speaking these things. Not putting limits on and saying I could never do that because of… If God says do it, then you start saying I can do it because God’s going to make a way.”

“So with the horses and you said you saw a native chief. So I’m really feeling like, I don’t know if there is an activation, Ruth Ann. So the horses represent power and authority. They’ve been coming and showing with a certain sound. So is there something more that we need to do besides. That’s just what I’m feeling but I’m not sure what it is.”

Sheila Zehr

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