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September 29, 2019

“I want to share something. Mississippi State played, I forget the name of the team, but the mascot was an eagle. So I looked up the eagle on the internet. I wanted to find out about this particular eagle because what happens at the beginning of a ballgame, they let that eagle go, and it soars all the way around the arena at this football game. And it’s trained. This eagle is trained. Well this particular eagle was found in 2016 and it had a broken wing. And so the medical people there at the college did surgery. Well, it didn’t heal back right. So they took the eagle, and that’s when they trained the eagle on what to do. And when they were showing the footage on how it landed and it kinda wobbled. And you know, sometimes as eagles, we get broken, right? But they don’t discard the eagle. They take the eagle and Holy Spirit does spiritual surgery on that eagle where there’s a flaw, amen? But, when Holy Spirit does it, that eagle is not limited as to how high it can soar, amen? So as we sing that song again, think about the brokenness that God, Jesus took for us and how sometimes as eagles we can get broken in areas of our life and we need a touch from Holy Spirit to do that spiritual surgery on us so we can soar to a higher level, amen.”

Sonja Mansell

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