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September 29, 2019

“I have something to add to that because I’m from Hattiesburg and Southern is the golden eagle. And I almost wore my shirt and the Lord told me to and I thought, I am not wearing that shirt. But I was supposed to because last week, the last time I was here, ya’ll sang about horses coming. Well first, we sang this song and then I think Konnie said I see the horses. Well a golden eagle only eats fresh meat. It doesn’t eat roadkill. And the claws of it are so strong and it can pick up like 200 lbs. Like it will pick up a young antelope or a coyote and fight it off. The Turks or something, they train eagles to hunt for them and they will be on a horse and the eagle will be on their arm and they will ride the horse and loose that eagle and the eagle will take down their hunt. I saw, like not only were there horses in here, but those golden eagles with like gold breastplates. I saw them picking us up and carrying us up. I didn’t share that last week and when Sonja said that, I said I have got to share that and repent that I didn’t wear my golden eagle shirt.”

Laurita Koll

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