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September 15, 2019

“So when I pulled this song for this morning, the line that says I want to see Your glory like Moses did. We have shifted out of the time of the tabernacle of Moses, where the glory rested in the tabernacle and Moses was the one that went in and spoke for the people, and the priest and we have moved into the tabernacle of David where the presence of God and we know that David, Jesus came from His line and and that was like a foreshadow of Yeshua coming to earth and so even when we’re talking about the glory, we’re really don’t want to go backwards to how it was with Moses. Moses didn’t even make it into the promised land. We want to move into the time of the tabernacle of David. David was called a man after God’s own heart. We want to be so close to Him that the moment Jesus speaks and says or points to something in our lives, in our generational line, something that needs to be taken care of; little or big, whatever, we want to say God I’m sorry, I repent and just get before Him and say get that out because that’s keeping me from where I want to go. And so Father God, we come before you and I”m not saying it’s bad to sing a song, but He’s just really speaking to me. We want to be searching and pressing into the new thing. We want to be in everything we do, in the songs, what we’re listening to, who we’re listening to on the radio, we want it to be what God is saying now, not what He was saying 10 years ago. We are entering into a new decade. We need to be listening to the prophetic voices because the whole thing is, we want to be ready to spring into that season when it happens. Not like 5 years down the road. But even as I’m teaching on first fruits right now, I’m supposed to be walking in the month that I’m in but I’m supposed to be studying for the month ahead. That’s where we want to be. We do want to be in time with God and we want to be ready when it’s here to step into that. Father God, right now in the name of Yeshua, we submit and I just speak over this group Father, we are stepping into Your time. We’re stepping into Your time. What You have for us this moment that’s exactly in Your time but also what we need for the step that’s in front of us. That’s what we want, Father. We give You all glory and honor and praise. We give You all glory and honor and praise. You are holy and You are the reason, Father, You’re the reason for what we do, the reason we’re here. We sing our song that keeps us here fulfilling the destiny and the purpose that you have for us. We thank You for Your song.”

Sheila Zehr

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