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November 8, 2020

Prophetic Song

“Feel the rumble. HG rumble. Glory rumble. Hear the roar. Do you hear His roar?” Sonja/Sheila

“So I’m just going to share this. I have seen some militant, the angel armies of the Lord. They’re militant. And what I heard was the word dispatch. I feel as though from this house, from this land, from Philadelphia< Mississippi we say we are to dispatch you from this governmental place. We dispatch you to go and fulfill the plan and purposes of Father God, in Jesus’ name.”


Prophetic Song

“Go, go go, go go. Go, go go go.”


“What I keep seeing is that we are in war. Intercession warfare is what we’re doing. And the Lord told me this morning, He said you’re coming up against, you’re going into the second phase of what was started on the other night. You’re taking another layer off. This time it’s not going to be layers. It’s going to be a thick layer, it’s going to be a thick layer in our land. And as we were praising the Lord and the sound is going forth in the atmosphere in the spirit realm and across this nation. I saw worshippers warring across the land and they were in unison with the step, with the beat, with the harmony of the Lord and I just kept seeing worshippers and praisers going across the land just worshipping the Lord. You know in battle, a lot of times they would send out the worshippers before the battle. That’s what I kept seeing. That’s what I’m seeing is the worship, the worship and the warfare.”


“And the Lord says that yes, Rowe vs Wade will be overturned. It will be overturned. And you will see and you will know that I am the true and living God. For I am overturning the demonic things that have happened on the land. For I am aligning My troops. My troops have gone forth with the documents in their hands. And they have been delivered, says the Lord. For you will see an overturn in this nation like you’ve never seen before. And take it as a sign and a wonder when you start hearing and seeing the miracles that I’m going to do. For the enemy thought that he had the last deal of the deck, but now I am trumping those things which the enemy has done and you will stand and you will hear the word and people shout checkmate, checkmate, checkmate, checkmate, checkmate. For I am not finished with this nation. For it is not time, it is not time for what the enemy is trying to do. For you see they move in Kronos time, but you are My children and I say look ahead and look to Me. Look to Me and get in My time which is Kairos time. The Lord says that what the enemy has meant for evil, He will turn for good. For you will see My glory. You will hear the rumblings in the earth and you will know and you will say my God. That is my God, that is my God. And the Lord says don’t lose heart, don’t lose heart. For what have I put in you? What have I put in you? What has come out of your mouth? When you declare and decree a thing it shall be so says the Lord. So watch and see what I am about to do. See what I am about to do and then shout checkmate, checkmate, checkmate.”


Prophetic Song

“Press, press, press, press. The Lord says yes, I am pressing on this land, I am pressing on My people for I am about to pour out My wine. My wine for this new season, this new era that you are walking in. For it has started, it has started. Don’t say when it’s going to happen but say it is happening says the Lord. Pressing, pressing, pressing. Pressing out the old, pressing out the old, pressing out the old and pressing in the new, pressing in the new, pressing in the new. Yes, yes, yes.”


Prophetic Song

“Fire, fire, fire. Hear the sound like fire. Hear the sound like fire. Hear the sound like fire.”

“And I’m seeing the fire in our nation. And what I’m seeing is that it has started in the middle of our nation. The center of our nation and it’s going out. It’s already gone out and it's burning up around our nation and in the middle. You know how when you start a fire on land, it’s black and it gets rid of the stuff. But what I’m seeing with this fire there’s blue in the middle of the fire and it’s the fire of God. The sapphire fire of God from heaven. I know Kevin Zadai talks about the sapphire floor being the fire of God in heaven and that’s what I’m seeing. And I’m seeing the flames burning around our nation but it started in the middle of our state. Not the middle of our state but America, the USA.”


“OK I’ve never understood this quite like this right at this moment. When David made a huge, huge mistake and the Lord said make your choice. What’s going to happen? You know he took a census in Israel and yet God said don’t do it for these purposes. And so what he did to stop the fury of the Father was he went and he bought a threshing floor. And we often talk about him buying the threshing floor but God said why did he buy a threshing floor? Is that a good question? So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for 50 shekels of silver. Then David built there an altar to Adonai and offered burnt offerings and fellowship offerings so Adonai was moved by the prayer of entreating for the land and restrained the plague from Israel. (2 Samuel 24:18). And then God said to me that the floor that David bought is where the dome of the rock stands today. That's where Solomon built the temple but what is so significant about a threshing floor? He prayed and asked forgiveness on a threshing floor. A threshing floor is where you divide. It’s the floor of separating. It’s a floor of separating and there he divided out. He divided out the sins from what was right. He divided. He divided the things out. He threshed out what was purely God and what wasn’t God. He actually prayed on that floor. He threshed out what was God and what was not God. That’s why he had to go to a threshing floor and pray it through. So Father God, we just say that as the flags go, Father God we are threshing out what is You and what is not You. The land is threshing out what is You and what’s not You. Father God let Your fire, let Your fire burn all that is not You and leave only what is You. So Father God let Your fire fall. Let you fire come and as we thresh out in prayer, as we kneel on the threshing floor. As we come to the threshing floor and we pull out of the land what is You and we pull out of the land what is not You, Father God, You burn out those things that is not You.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“We come to the threshing floor. You're the God that separates. We come to the threshing floor. You're the God that separates.”


“You know there is something prophetic going on right now with the kids and these flags. Something the Lord is doing in the spirit realm. Waive your flags, waive your flags. Wave your flags, waive your flags.”


Prophetic Song

“Stepping into the new, stepping into the new, letting go of the old. Stepping in the new, stepping in the new, seeing it through. Stepping in the new, stepping in the new, can you hear the rumble? Can you hear the fire? Can you hear the fire, the fire has sound. The fire has sound. Stepping in the new. Stepping in the new, stepping in the new, the Lord is going to see us through. Fan the flame, fan the flame, fan the flame from on high. Fan the flame the enemy has to die. Fan the flame, fan the flame. New generation coming forth. New generation coming forth for the Lord. It’s a new generation coming forth, coming forth, coming forth for the Lord. So fan the flame, fan the flame and you won’t stay the same. Fan the flame, fan the flame, fan the flame and you won’t stay the same. Fan the flame, fan the flame. Fan the flame. You won’t stay the same. The fire grows hotter. Spreading wider. Fire’s spreading wider across this land. Can you see it going wider across this land? So fan the flame and watch what will be on fire. Burning up, burning up, burning up all the documents of the enemy. Contracts, contracts, contracts are burning up, burning up, burning up in the fire. Burning up cover up, burning up cover up. Time for the fire. Can you hear the sound of the flag burning up? Can you hear the sound of the flags burning up? They’re burning up with the fire of Holy Ghost you see. They’re burning up with fire of the Holy Ghost you see. They’re fanning the fire, they’re fanning the fire. Holy Ghost fire, there’s a new generation burning up you see. It’s all of Me, so be despaired. Don’t look nowhere but to Me.”

“You know when India came in and Avery came up and she got this flag and she walked across there was something that happened. There was something that happened in the spirit because of that flag and what was on that flag. And the Lord told me, He said you have the key that unlocks this nation from this place. You have the key and it's the new generation coming forth Lord that God is raising up this generation. God is raising up the children. He says just as you are my children. Do not think that every life that has been aborted, that has been miscarried, that has died before their time has not left my sight. For My eyes have moved across this land and I have those little ones in my hand. For I am raising up those, those that are Mine. For they will prophesy, they will lay hands on the sick. For I am raising them up. I am raising them up just as I am raising you up. I'm raising you up to that higher place. So take your place. Take your place and let the fire burn in you to drive out to burn out those things which are not of Me says the Lord. For I am doing a new thing in you. I'm doing a new thing in you, I’m doing a new thing in this land. I’m burning up that which is not of Me and I’m refining those things which are. So when you come out of the fire, you will shine like never before. So Father, we receive the key that’s opening up this nation from the place. Father, we receive that, Father God. And Father, it’s not a heaviness but it’s a responsibility to see it through in prayer. So Father, we thank You. We accept the responsibility and the accountability, Father. Oh, I’m seeing resources unlocked. Resources being unlocked, unlocked. They’re flowing, they’re flowing, they’re flowing.”


“As Sonja was saying that and I walked in and saw the kids, you know today is orphan Sunday. And I felt like what God was saying when she was releasing that, and I was watching these kids, you know with the unborn, the bloodshed of the unborn, how many destinies, how many lives, how many destinies have been just cut off and removed. But I feel like what the Lord is saying, we know that adoption sunday is obviously the church rising up and taking up the orphans. His word says true religion is taking up the orphans. On the other side of that, He’s saying that just as we were adopted in that it’s our identity. We need to get who we are. We need to get the memo as His sons and daughters if we are to take our rightful place. And in our rightful place, His authority in prayer and His authority for our nation and His authority for those out there who are broken and those who are lost. Those who are the outsiders. So Father, right now in Jesus’ name, Father we thank You that we are not orphans. Father, I thank You for our birthright and our destiny, Father. I thank You that the sons of God and daughters of God are rising up. We’re being repositioned to take our place Father in the earth. And Father, I thank You that we will not be shut up, we will not be pushed down, we will not be put down. We are taking our stand. Father, we call in, we call in the reinforcements of the Kingdom, Father. We call in the sons and daughters. We call them into their destinies. We call them into their inheritance in the earth. We thank You Father. we stand, we stand in our place on behalf of our nation and we will not stop until we see Your plan and Your purpose manifested in the earth. In Jesus’ name.”


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