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November 3, 2019

“I just keep on hearing, and it goes along with what Sheila was saying, that the pieces and the holes that are missing in your life, the places where you need healing, the places where you need His help, the places where there are chains, He’s saying My fullness is here. He said, you released My fullness and I’m here. so just lay back in My fullness and let Me fill you up where there are pieces missing. Let Me heal those broken places, in the name of Jesus.”

Bubba Alexander

“While we were praying up here before service started, Sheila was praying and I could see the breath of God fill the room. And as we are all in here worshipping, it’s become a whirlwind of His breath going around each of us and it’s beautiful. So I just wanted to share with you that the breath of God, it’s like a whirlwind going around you right now.”

Sara Grace Alexander

“So Father, we come to the center of that whirlwind, Father God and let it come around us Father God. Let the whirlwind come faster and faster and faster around us, Father God. Let Your presence, Father God, let Your miracles, let Your power come, Father God.” Ruth Ann McDonald

“OK, so I want you to know that the host of heaven are marching in. They are marching to the cadence of what Shane is playing. There are multitudes of heavenly hosts and they are coming in here armed for battle. They are marching, marching, marching, marching. And they are calling us into this march. Get into the cadence, the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Father. Get into the cadence of the heartbeat of the Father. They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming to the cadence. Get in the cadence.”

Konnie Victory

“I see also, along with what Konnie said, the portal is open this way, like a round door. And we can step through it. It’s not coming down this way, It’s a 2-way. They’re coming in and we can go in with them also.”

Laurita Koll

“Ok, come on. We’re gonna step in. Join me, come step in the portal. You’re marching with the hosts of heaven this day. You are riding with the hosts of heaven this day. They are marching. They are in army formation.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“The Lord just reminded me of something I saw yesterday and it’s like what He’s bringing down, what I saw yesterday with the angels being released and dispatched is speed. I mean it was really fast but I asked what they were bringing and He said inheritance. And then He showed me later on, I saw like presents that weren’t opened with a ribbon around them. And what He said is the gifts in you that you haven’t opened, you haven’t brought forth. We have a strength in us. He’s empowered us and strengthened us today to know that we step forward to. It isn’t just about what He’s pouring on us, it’s about what we rush up and we meet Him with. In the name and the power and the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Debra Mather

Prophetic Song

“Receive the gifts, receive your gift. Open and see what He has freely given. Receive the inheritance. He has an inheritance for you. Receive it, receive it. We receive it, Lord, everything You have. We receive it, we receive it. We open it, we use it, Lord. Thank You for our inheritance. We're gonna walk in all that You’ve given. Wanna walk in all that You have for us. We join with the host of heaven, we join with Your host of heaven. We join with Your host of heaven on the earth. We join in, we join in. We join in what You’re doing here today. We join what You’re doing here today. We join with what You’re doing here today. We join You, we step in. We step in, don’t hold back. We step in. Lord activate us.”

Sheila Zehr

“Now look into His eyes. Look into Your commander’s eyes. Look into those flames of fire. And it says, when I looked, and His face shines upon me, that is more favor. So step now. Step to a place of His favor. Let that favor come upon you that you have never, never even allowed because you wouldn’t unpack yourself. Oh, He wants to favor you so much.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I don’t know if somebody has a prodigal son or a daughter, or somebody in your life. But when he sings that, it’s like I can see them running back. So I don’t know if it’s in your life, but if it is, go ahead and claim it and see them running. Not where they are, see them running back because they’re coming back.”

Sara Grace Alexander

“Where they were supposed to be, in this time, where the devil has stolen, where he’s taking the time with your kids or your husband and whoever in your life that was supposed to be mature already chewing on the meat of the Word, we take them back right now in the name of Jesus. We go into the enemy’s camp and we take them back. We declare that they are yours, Lord.”

Bubba Alexander

“Go into the enemy’s camp. Name their names while this portal is open. Do not be afraid to go to the enemy’s camp. Take them back while this portal is open. OK, the portal’s open. Take them back. Look the enemy in the face and say they are mine! My joy is mine! My inheritance is mine! My family is mine! You get out of my way! I heard the Lord say, some of you are going to have the best holidays ever. They’re coming back.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Freedom, oh freedom. Oh, freedom here today. Oh, freedom, oh, freedom, oh freedom here today. Oh freedom, oh freedom. Oh freedom here today. Oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom here today. We’re taking it, we’re taking it. Oh, freedom oh, freedom here today. Your freedom, Lord. Your freedom, taking back our sound. Oh, in this year of 'pey' we’re taking back our sound.”

Sheila Zehr

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