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November 24, 2019

“The Lord is saying that you have filled your mind with sounds that are not of Me. He says, you’ve filled your mind with sounds of the enemy. And the Lord says, He says I’m releasing a sound, I’m releasing a cadence out of heaven. He said it’s a sound and it’s a step, a step with Me. It’s the step of a new mindset. It’s the step of a new way. It’s a step of a new thinking pattern, but it’s Me. It’s Me. He said it’s not the world calling you, it’s My sound that I’m releasing. He says it’s Me. It’s Me. He said turn off the old sounds. Turn off negativity. Turn off where you’ve programmed your mind. You’ve programmed your mind to a death cadence. He said release yourself from that death cadence. He said Mine is life. Mine is life. My cadence is the cadence of life. My sound is the sound of life.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Sound of life, sound of life. We receive your sound of life, Lord. Shake off the old. Shake off the old. shake off the old sound. take a step in the beat. Take a step in the beat of the new sound. Take a step in the beat in His beat. Step in the beat of His new sound. Fill our ears Lord. Fill our eyes, Lord. Fill our hearts, Lord.”

“It’s like I felt, I saw, it was in heaven, it was not in this room but it almost felt, what it seemed like was Nigel Bigpond posted a video of releasing the sound of the native drums. It was one of these big huge drums with like 3 or 4 of them sitting around and bringing glory to the Lord. Releasing it for and it’s like I saw this angel around this big drum and it looked like a big native drum releasing the beat in heaven.”

Prophetic Song

”Hear the sound of the beat, hear the sound of His beat. Hear the sound of life in His beat. Let us recognize what’s not you, Lord. Let us feel Your beat. Let us recognize what’s not you and what’s the enemy, Lord. We can just step in Your beat. “

Sheila Zehr

“Now let God wash away those things. He says give it up. Give up your thinking patterns. Give it up. Give up your thinking patterns, those things that you’ve been dwelling on. And some of you have been dwelling on, you just say I’m not good enough. God said that’s not Me. That’s an enemy thinking pattern. That is a sound and that is a hoofbeat of the enemy’s horse. It is not My horse that releases that sound in the earth. I need you in cadence with the horses that patrol the earth for Me. They release My sound. They release to My people how I think of them. And He says, your cadence, your step has to come into My thoughts for you. Phillipians 4:8 says think on those things that are true, lovely, pure, acceptable. Pure, lovely, true, acceptable to the Lord. When you are thinking on the things that you are unworthy, that’s not an acceptable thinking pattern of the Lord. Just think on those things that are just, lovely, excellent. It says think on excellence and anything that is worthy of praise. God created each one of us to show the enemy how powerful He is and that’s who you are.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“The Lord says this is My heartbeat. Hear the sound, this is My heartbeat. This is My heartbeat. My heart beats for healing. My heart beats to set you free. My heart beats so that you will be healed. My heart beats for you. Can you feel it? Can you feel the sound of My heartbeat? Feel the sound of My heartbeat from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. It goes through your body. Feel the vibration of the sound of My heartbeat that brings healing, that brings freedom that My word, that My word is fulfilled in you with this sound.”

Debra Mather

“Earlier as we were singing, I saw a pathway open up. It was a very clear pathway. No interferences. No turns to the left. No turns to the right and I’m standing here praying asking God how do we get on this pathway? How do we stay on this pathway? And of course the answer is going back to the heart. When you said the sound, and I’m saying Lord, give me the sound. Give me the sound and what I heard was the heartbeat. It was praying in to the heartbeat but what it was telling me was that we have to go back to that heartbeat. Original noise, even when we’re young babies not born yet, but God gives us that spirit at that moment we are conceived. And that conception from that point, we receive the heartbeat. That’s the original sound that we hear when in the mother’s womb we hear the heartbeat. And the heartbeat is our driving force, but we have to go back to the heartbeat. Go back to our heart and make sure that our heart is aligned with the Lord in order for us to be on that pathway. On that pathway, that road that’s clear, but it leads to Jesus Christ.”

Janis Jimmie

“Thank you Father. Thank you, Father where our heart has beat with the wrong beat, Father God that we come back to Your heartbeat, Father God. We come in rhythm with You, Father. We come in rhythm with you, Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“You know, the only way to hear somebody’s heartbeat is to get very close. Almost rest your head on their chest. So the way to get in sync, to get in line with His heartbeat is for that relationship. Getting close, as close so that we are just leaning on him. So there’s just a couple things as I’m playing, I’m hearing off and on, I can hear like the angels singing along with the keyboard. I don’t know if anybody else can hear that. But the other thing, Ruth Ann, I’m still seeing this angel with a staff.”

Sheila Zehr

“So Father, we welcome Your angelic beings today, Father God and what they’re bringing and what they want to release, Father. A staff is support. So Father, we thank You for the support that we need to change, Father God. A staff bears burdens, Father God. So Father, we thank You, Father God that we, Father God just as David said my rod and my staff they comfort me. And that was always an unusual scripture to me. How can a staff bring me comfort? There’s absolutely, when you read in Psalm 23, when he says my rod and my staff comfort me, you think God what are you talking about? This is what He’s talking about. This is a staff like David would have used. This is a staff like Moses would have used, and you see the carvings on the staff, right? The reason his rod and staff could comfort him is this was passed from father to son, from father to son. And what they would do is they would carve the family victories. They put a word on this staff. Like you see words on this staff. They would carve the family’s victories like Goliath. Just one word that said David killed Goliath, ok. And then it would go to his son Solomon and anytime Solomon became discouraged and said the Lord is not supporting me, he would go to this staff and he would start reading the family victories. And he would carve his own victories on here and then he would pass it to his son. Do you understand how you can get comfort from your rod and your staff? Because it was constantly. It was not sending down family defeat. Can you get that? That’s not handing the stories of defeat down the family line. It’s not telling you how the family lost, but it was passed on how the family had victory. So a staff is your support, but it’s not necessarily a support to hold you up. It is a support to hold you up spiritually because when you see this victory, do you see what I’m saying? It holds you up to say if they can do it, I can do it to. I have a family heritage of victory not loss. Amen. See what we need to do is go back and look at our family victory. We need to say, grandma, I don’t want to hear a family story of loss. Don’t tell me one of loss. Give me the staff of victory. And by the way, the reason we beat this on the stage (mattah), is scientifically, I don’t know if you know this, that goes 500 feet in the ground. Did you know that? Look that up scientifically. Everytime you stand like this and beat into the earth, you are affecting 500 feet below you. Did you know that? So you are putting the sound of the cadence of the beat of what Father is saying into the land. That’s amazing. So they would use these staffs and they would beat them along the way to say this is my victory, this is my victory. If my parents could do it, if grandpa could do it and great-great grandpa could do it, I’m unstoppable. So reach out and say give me my family memories of victory. Give me the staff of victory. I don’t want to hear no more defeat. I want the victories of my family. So Father God, we just thank You, Father God for how You are wanting to take each one of us into victory and out of defeat, Father God.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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