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May 30, 2021

“So I saw a picture like an aerial view of what this land looks like above and I saw it completed. I saw people and I saw children and then I saw like this big drill bit going down into the ground and then I was hearing a clock. And then at one point, it was like horses were mounting and then I started hearing the heartbeat of the land. So it was like everything was done. It was done but the Lord was showing me, I don’t even know how to say this, but He was backing me up and showing from that finished place the process of where it initially started. But it was already done. And so, I’m just sensing to get the vision of what the Lord has called us to to go up like the Lord was showing me above the land. To look. To get that vision. To envision what we have been called for corporately and individually. To go ahead and set our sights there and get into the timing and the heartbeat of Father because it’s already done but it’s just getting in rhythm with Him and knowing it’s done. But partnering with Him with the heartbeat of that to get there.”


“So I heard this morning, I think it was Chuck at Glory of Zion that if God wants to grow money on trees, He can do that. Often we have an expectation for how things need to be done. Konnie, with what you’re saying, seeing it finished we have an expectation of steps that need to be gone through, but that’s not necessarily how God’s going to put it through. We don’t have to think that this has to happen or this has to happen.”


“This is kind of funny. I heard take the limits off baby. It’s time to soar and the Lord is keeping me back on that vision to see things completed. It’s like we have anticipation to set our sights higher, to soar with Holy Spirit, to set our sights higher and higher and higher and see what He desires us to see and partner with Him but it’s time to soar to set our sights higher and be able to look down and see. And as we look down and see, we have no choice but to see how victorious we are because we are victorious in Christ and nothing is impossible. So it is time to set our sights higher to soar with Holy Spirit.”


“She has absolutely got it. {little girl dancing with flag} There’s no hindrances. Get out of your mind. It’s just flowing with Holy Spirit. That’s where the joy comes from right there. She is demonstrating that flying, that soaring, that partnership with Holy Spirit. Full of joy, no inhibition, no hindrances, just eyes set on Yeshua, Jesus.”


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