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May 26, 2019

“The Lord says that there are angels at your disposal. They are there for you to tell them what to do. Some are waiting on their assignments, some have already been assigned by God to go do what He tells them to do, but then there’s other angels that God’s assigned specifically to you. To your nation, to your tribe, to your homes, to your ministries and He says you tell them what to do. You get the order from Jesus. You hear from God and you tell them what God is telling you to do. There’s very, very specific things that’s going on right now concerning wealth. And when we talk about wealth, we think about money. But the Lord says, no. It’s not only the money I’m talking about Sonja, it’s not just the money, it’s the wealth of My Word. It’s the wealth of My glory. It’s the wealth of their souls, it’s the wealth of their bodies. God is interested in people’s soul, ya’ll. He’s interested in lives. He came. He died. He rose again so that we could live with Him for eternity. I love heaven. I’m excited about going to heaven, but I’m excited about being here. Amen. It’s exciting. The Lord says that you are a mouthpiece for this day and hour. If you will open it, I’m going to fill you with My power. You will see the dead raised. You will see the blind’s sight returned. You will see healings of diabetes. You will see healings in families. But you open your mouth, and I will fill it says the Lord. Open your mouth and speak and into My realm, into your realm because you’re not of this world. You’re only here for a season. The Lord says this season is about to come to a close. This season is coming to a close.”

Sonja Mansell

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