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May 26, 2019

“Father God, we just exalt You. We exalt You, Father. Right now, we just ask You to come and do a cleansing of our tongue. Just cleanse our tongue, Father God. I heard the Lord say some of us are just living in confusion because of what’s been coming out of our mouth. God says I wanted to clean up your confusion a long time ago. Father, just burn Your fire, burn Your fire on our tongues. Burn Your fire, Father God. Just let Your fire fall. Let it fall, the Pentecostal fire. Let Pentecostal fire come. Father, let us move into the realm of Pentecost. Oh Father God, let the fire, for some of you, God’s been trying to solve your problems for years and He says you won’t shut your mouth. So let Pentecostal fire come today. Father, God, we’re counting the Omar. Let the fire come, Father God, let the fire fall, let it come into each one of us, Father God. And then make our tongue so powerful that we burn out the confusion around us. Oh yes, Father God, give us the power to burn out all the words around us that are not of You, that are not of You. Let it burn, let it burn in us Father God that we can be the one that burns. God says I need for some of you to become forest fires, you know they keep spreading, they keep spreading. And He doesn’t want you to speak Christian ease, He just wants you to have the tongue that He can work through to bring His Kingdom to earth. It doesn’t have to be oh how Christian ease you are, it just has to be this is how it is and this is what’s coming about. This is how it is and this is what’s coming about and all the while you are saying my God can do this, my God can move anything out of the way. So Father God, I thank You, Father God, I thank You for the fire of Pentecost. I thank You for a burning in each one of us. There’s three of you that God says He’s taking confusion out of your home. There’s three of you God says I am burning into that home today and confusion is coming out. And there’s someone here just because they were made to come and God says I’m about to show you who I am. I’m about to give you a reason to show up. And it’s not going to be that someone has to pull you here. God says I’m calling you. So Father I thank You. I thank You for the power of Pentecost, Father God. I thank you for the power of Pentecost, Father God. I thank You for transformation and God says it has to start with your speech. Your speech has to transform first. Your life is transformed through your speech. He said it starts with the tongue and when you don’t see it, it starts with the tongue. And Father, I thank You, I thank You Father God for the power in the fire, the fire.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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