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May 12, 2019

“As we are singing this song, I’m questioning the Lord and I’m asking Him and this is what I feel. We have what I’m calling a weapon of warfare for you mother’s. I know it’s Mother’s Day but what better to put in mama’s hand than a weapon of warfare and that’s an anointing oil called new wine. Because mama is the one that prays for the family and mama is the one that pulls this out and says I’m anointing my child until my child comes to where he needs to be or where she needs to be. So this is mama’s weapon to hear the chains falling this year. This is mama’s weapon to see the chains coming off of the family that’s been holding them back and we are going to pray. We are going to pass out to all of the mothers and let them get their oil. And Father, we agree with every mother here that her family is coming to a new level this year that the chains that have been holding the family comes off. And it comes to the next level. The new level, the new place in the Lord Jesus and we prophesy. We speak and we say you hear the chains falling in your family this year. You hear freedom in your family this year. You hear freedom in your children, in your grandchildren, your great grandchildren and your generations. You hear the chains come off and the chains fall in the name of Jesus.

Ruth Ann McDonald

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