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May 12, 2019

“And I’m just hearing to tag onto that, the freedom, Father bring the freedom to the areas we don’t even know we need freedom. Sometimes we think we are free in an area but there’s something there from the way we were raised or what we were taught growing up or whatever. So Father, I’m asking in this anointing that’s of the place, of the anointing of freedom that’s coming down in this place, touch us each in a place that we don’t even know that we’re not free, we don’t even know there’s bondage, Lord. But just let us walk in, walk out from some of those old mindsets, things from generations, things from parents, grandparents, whatever it was, Father. We just ask for a washing in that. A supernatural work in this time when we’re counting the Omar to Pentecost, Lord, that we lay down some of those things that we don’t even know we’re holding onto. That we are able to walk in greater levels of power as we approach Pentecost that we ever even dreamed was possible. Thank you, Lord.”

Sheila Zehr

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