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March 24, 2019

“In the name of Jesus, in the name of Yeshua, I just take the cap off. I take the cap off in the name of Jesus I take the cap off. I take the cap off in Jesus’ name. The Lord says to rise up oh worship team. Rise up. For it’s not by man’s might, it’s not by your standards how you worship the Lord but it’s in your heart. It’s in your heart. For the Lord says rise up, rise up and be who I’ve called you to be. For this is a time and this is the hour for you to take the generations to the nations, to help set the captives free. For I am raising you up, I’m raising you up and yes, many will go and many flow in My Spirit, in My anointing and in My powers says the Lord. In this hour and in this day and in this time, it’s not a time to sit down, shrink back. It’s not a time to sit down and say God why is this happening and why is that happening for He says it is time to rise up and be who I’ve called you to be. For there are those that are anointed for this day and hour. There is a generation rising. The giants are awake. They are rising, they are rising, they’re rising, they’re rising. Oh wake up you sleeping giants. They are awake, they’re awake. He says they are awake. They are awake. Rise up each and every one of you on the platform. This morning the Lord showed me God is raising you up to do great and mighty things. God is raising you up. God is raising you up. For you have a voice for this hour. You have a voice for your generation. The Lord is going to use you mightily. He says to rise up and take your place in the army. Take your place in the worship just like David did. Just like David did. He says you are David’s in the spirit. So rise up, rise up for the anointing is here. The anointing is here. It’s not somewhere out there waiting to be tapped in to. For the anointing and the glory is within you. The anointing and the glory is within this generation. For where they have been dormant, where they have been pressed down, where they have been seeking other gods other than the true living God. The Lord says no more for I am leading them into righteousness. I am leading them in power. I am leading them in the anointing. I am leading them in healing to the nations. Firm your vision. Firm your vision says the Lord. Rise up.”

Sonja Mansell

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