June 30, 2019

“Father, we just open ourselves, just open ourselves and we step through Father God. Just let Your glory pour into us, Father God and pour out of us, Father God. An oh, Lord Jesus, we worship You this day. We exalt You. You’re the only God, Lord Jesus. You’re the only true God. You are mighty. You are everlasting and You are the glory that we are seeking.”

“And so Father, we thank You for Your angelic hosts. Your angelic hosts is willing to take each individual’s hand that will reach out and say take me into a deeper place with the Lord. Be willing to take you there and come, come and let Me take you in that thin place with the Father. Oh, and just get full of Him. His power is endless. His miracles are unstoppable. He is the only God. He is the greatest. He is the Creator. He wants to create in your life a new way, a better way, and a deeper way and He says there’s some here that needs power gifts and He is releasing them today. I’m releasing power gifts. I’m releasing the gift of miracles, the gift of interpretations. I’m releasing the power gifts today.”

“Just get full, get full. Let the power gifts just settle in you. Let healing, let miracles, let tongues and interpretation, revelation, let the seer gift settle on you. Some of you have the prophetic gift and never walked in it. Let the gift of the prophet just open up. Let the gift of the prophet just settle on you. Some of you know, you know you hear, but you’ve been afraid to walk in it. So we tell that fear, we face you down today. Just look your fear in the eye today and say, you’re moving out of my way. I’m moving in the gifts that Father God gave me.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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