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July 21, 2019

“When the Lord gave me this word yesterday, I said I really don’t want to prophesy it. And I get lots of prophetic words, it’s just my gift. And I said, Lord, I just really don’t want to prophesy that word and I just kind of put it down, put it to the side and I watched the video 2 or 3 times. Most of you that don’t keep up with horse racing, yesterday was the Haskell. And the Haskell in the horse racing world is a major invitational race for those that have earned lots of money for that year. So, one of the horses that got in was a horse by the name of Maximum Security and he’s the one that was disqualified in the Derby. So, he got in by the skin of his chinny chin chin. You know the money was taken away from him in the Derby. So basically, here’s what happened and as I was watching it. I really didn’t think he was going to win and suddenly, in the turn he makes his move. He starts coming and coming and coming against all those horses that he had run against and he’d given up titles to and he won yesterday. Fair and square – everything. So here’s the word the Lord gave me. He said, saddle up. Get ready, get back in the saddle. You may have been defeated, you may have had fouls called against you. It may have looked like you were taken out of place, but God said, get back up, go for it because He said the invitational race is coming. I will be extending invitations to you to get back in the saddle to run the race and He said those dreams are still there to come true. He says, you go for your Haskell and win it.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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