July 21, 2019

“And what I’m seeing in this narrow place, He wants us to see like what He’s got on either side of us. I’m seeing instruments, sharp things, really hard places. But what we need to do is open our eyes and see God’s got His angels lined up on either side. They're between us and whatever the enemy is trying to do. So as we walk through, we have an angelic guard on either side to keep us straight. If we will turn our heart to Him, if we will walk in obedience and if we will submit to the process He’s taking us through, He’s gonna hide us under His wing and He’s got the protection on either side. Lord open us up to the angelic help you have for us. Open our eyes to see what You are setting in place because You are wanting us to have the victory and You are setting us up to succeed, Lord. So, we submit to Your will. We submit to Your way and we submit and we step into Your path this day, in the name and through the blood of Yeshua Hamaschiah.”

“And it may be that in this time of between the straits that there’s some things that we’re gonna have to give up to walk correctly. There may be some things that we’re gonna have to lay down and say I can’t do that in this season because it pulls my emotions. It pulls me this way and I can’t go this way. I can’t take that step, so I’m laying that down. Things that have been ok in this season, if we want to be positioned exactly where God has us, we may have some things to lay down. In fact, I’m going to say, we probably each have some things to lay down in this season so that we can walk correct and come out exactly where God has us come out.”

Sheila Zehr

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