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July 14, 2019

“Now I heard Becca Greenwood, she’s one of the apostles over this ministry say this weekend. She said God has already released the power of the Holy Spirit into the earth and He’s released all the power we need. We just have to step in for more and more and more of it. It’s us that’s got to push towards Him. It’s not us waiting for Him to fill us, it’s us pushing for the filling. And so this is what I hear the Lord say as you raise your hallelujah. I hear there’s somebody here that needs a prayer language. Just start opening it up and say God give it to me. There’s somebody that needs a weapon for Monday morning and God says give it to me. It may be your praises, I don’t know what it is. Just say God give it to me. Just press in to what is released, what God has in the atmosphere. Let Him take you to a level to a place you’ve never been. Just say, Father, I surrender to what you’ve already released and I press in for what is my weapon this day. There’s somebody that really says God give somebody this morning their prayer language, give them that weapon. Give somebody their weapon for Monday morning. Oh Father, it may be just the praises on their tongue Father God. Give them that weapon, Father.”

“So Father we just thank You for who You are and we thank You Father for Your glory. Just Father God, surround us. The Bible says You become a shield of glory around us. So Father God, just become that shield around us, around us, Father. And Father God we just thank You, because the glory is everything. We thank You, Father for Your glory. We just thank You Father God that it just settles around us. Whoever got your prayer language this morning, just keep pushing in to it even though you might have said one word, just keep pushing in to it. Keep pushing into it. Don’t stop. That’s part of moving deeper and deeper into His glory. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Father I thank You. I thank You, Father. I thank You Father God for what You are doing. I thank You for who You are. I thank You Father God for Your glory.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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