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January 5, 2020

“Ok, so earlier we hit the beat where I saw the chief of old coming out of heaven, coming out of the cloud of witnesses and then we hit that cadence. We hit the cadence which is so strategic which is so important right now as we’ve got to get into the cadence of the movement of Holy Spirit. And what I was hearing the Lord say is today is the day. Today is the day. Your worship has been in My nostrils as incense. Today is the day of a divine trade, of a divine exchange. That which has been sown through labor and tears on this land, today there is a measure of grace. A huge measure of grace for My word, for My angelic forces to be established on this land. You will see My Kingdom come on this land this today. Today, that divine exchange, that divine trade has taken place. Your praises have filled My nostrils. I am pleased with what You are offering Me today. Stay in My cadence. Stay in My cadence. Keep your gaze upon Me. Don’t look to the left, don’t look to the right. You stay in My cadence and you let that worship arise and fill My nostrils with that aromatic fragrance and you watch and see what I will do on this land. Today, it is established and decreed in My name. In the name of Jesus.”

Konnie Victory

“When I heard the beat, God told me, He said look up to see how the word cadence would translate to the Hebrew language. If I were going to express the word cadence to someone in Hebrew, I would be expressing the word “heartbeat.” So I want you to think about that. Your heart changes rhythms with what’s going on around you. Is that not true? Ok, so when you get into what the rhythm is going on around the Father and you get His heartbeat, when you get His rhythm of what’s going on because the rhythm of your heart changes according to what’s going on around you. These watches these days have everything on it. Blood pressure, heartbeat and everything else and if you will just watch, if you have a watch like that you notice that just whatever you are doing and what you are responding to, your rhythm in your body is changing all the time. And that’s what the cadence is that we’re looking for. What God is doing and it’s not always worship that He’s doing because He’s making a divine exchange today in the courts of heaven, it’s in the realm of the heavenlies. So when you’re in a courtroom and you’re in a courtroom setting and when you’re in the divine chambers and things are happening, your heartbeat shifts. And it goes into that cadence. And that’s what you’re looking for. That’s what it’s all about. To find the rhythm of what God is doing in heaven and release it on earth.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Hallelujah. Step to Your heartbeat. To hear Your heartbeat, Lord. We lean in, we lean in. We place our ear to Your chest. We move with You. We place our ear to Your chest, our heart syncs with Yours. We come into You, we come into Your cadence. Closer, we get closer. Even closer.”

Shelia Zehr

Prophetic Song

“Rain down Your presence, fill us up Lord. Rain down Your presence. We step in Your beat. Release the fullness of Your Spirit, shekinah glory come. Can you see the colors? Can you see the colors of His glory? Breaking through, breaking through. Breaking through, the colors of His glory. Hear the sound of His glory. Colors of His glory.”

Sheila Zehr

“Father, the prophecy about the divine exchange that came earlier, Father God, from the great chief Father God in the heavenlies, Father God, we receive that into the earth realm, Father God. We receive, Father God for all of the toiling for all of the work that’s been done, Father God that the divine heartbeat of the Father comes into this land, Father God. The heartbeat, the rhythm, the pulsation of Father God comes into this land and He fills this dirt first, Father God. He goes to the core of the earth at what’s called Neshoba County. He goes to the very core, Father God. He goes with Your heartbeat to the very center of the earth and come up out into the earth into Neshoba County creating a portal for You to enter, Father God. Let this, Father God, be where heaven touches earth, Father God with such a divine exchange Father God that it fills the state and the nation, Father God. Let Your heartbeat reverberate from here Father God as the divine exchange is made in the heavenly between the great chiefs and Father God for the heartbeat of the Father to reverberate out of this land for this land to say, come, come. I will set the heartbeat of Father God here and it will reign from here Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Rising, rising, rising, rising, rising, rising. Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, we’re the breakthrough. Push into the breakthrough. The waters are stirring. Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough."

Sheila Zehr

“See the horses stomping and plowing the land. They’re stomping the land, they’re stomping the land to bring the heartbeat to the Father out of the land that it can be sounded through this atmosphere. They’re stomping, they’re beating, they’re plowing the land with their feet so the heartbeat of the Father will resonate here. And I see the cloud of witnesses and the great chiefs have shouted restitution. Restitution is the agreement for all that was taken. That’s more than restoration. Restitution comes with interest.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And I just heard the Lord say that as the horses are tromping, are tromping on the land, and running through the land, I’m seeing and hearing the wells, ancient wells being released upon the earth to overflowing into the hearts of the people and the land. And I hear the Lord say I’ve heard the land cry out. I have heard creation cry out. I have heard My people cry out says the Lord and with that, those wells being overflowing, the ancient wells overflowing on the earth and in My people. He says that I have heard your cry and My glory, My glory is established on the earth even as it is in heaven this day says the Lord. My glory. For you will see, you will see manifestations of My glory, My miracles, My transformations. Even those healings, the healing of My people; spirit, soul and body. And yes, you are living in the time, and you are living in the day and the hour when the dead will be raised. For as you walk and as you go, know My sound radiates through you because you have My heartbeat. Stay in rhythm with Me so My light can shine through you. For it is the light that brings out darkness that exposes darkness that brings conviction, that brings transformation, that brings impartation. For you are about to see the greatest reformation on the earth that you’ve ever seen before."

Sonja Mansell

“When Konnie was talking about the nostrils of God today, there’s many verses in the Bible that talk about the nostrils of God. Ps. 18:8, ‘smoke went up out of His nostrils and fire from His mouth devoured and coals were kindled by it.' So God breathes in and what we’re saying and what we’re doing, God is breathing in and releasing back. Have you ever thought about that? This is what the Bible says. Is. 2:22, 'stop regarding man whose breath of life is in his nostrils. Why should he be esteemed?' Gen. 2:7, 'and the Lord formed man out of the dust and from the ground breathed into his nostrils.' See, if you can ever get that picture, when man was made, God breathed to him nostril to nostril. That’s pretty awesome isn’t it? You would have to think, when God gave man life, His nose touched man’s nose. Isn’t that awesome? Ex. 15:8, 'at the blast of Your nostrils, the waters piled up.' So in other words, when they were crossing the Red Sea, it just says it was God’s nostrils that led His breathe out that parted the water. Did you know that? The flowing of the water stood up like a heap. The deep was congealed in the heart of the sea. Isn’t that amazing? So that’s very important."

Ruth Ann McDonald

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