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January 31, 2021

“Lord we just declare that we’ve opened the gates for You, Lord. So we just come into agreement with this word. Our God comes and does not keep silent. Our God has come and He has not kept silent. A fire devours before Him and round about Him. A mighty tempest rages. He calls to the heaven above and to the earth below that He might judge His people and declare in heaven Your righteousness, Your justice. Lord, we just invite You here today, Lord. We prepare a place for You. We build an altar for You in our praise and we tear down any high place, Father, that’s contrary to You, in Jesus’ name.”


“This morning the Lord had given me the word cadence. And I heard new sound and I saw tongues of fire. And I’ve been trying to kind of piece it all together this morning and I don’t know that I have the littlest of the fullness of it. But what the Lord was speaking to me this morning was there was a cadence of a new sound that He was wanting us to step into. So I feel like that’s what we’re doing. There’s a new sound that the Lord is wanting to release to open us another realm of a portal of His glory. And it’s a glory fire. It’s fire. There’s fire on the altar to come, to kneel before His presence and to have the Lord purify. Purify, purify, purify so we can be sons and daughters of unity. That’s what this new sound is about today that the Lord is wanting to release. We need to be unified. We need to be that unified company where we can march across this land and release the fire of the Lord in Jesus’ name.”


“Father God we welcome Your presence. Father, we recognize the descending of Your glory of Your presence. We welcome Your presence. We welcome Your movement in this place, Holy Spirit. Blow in Holy Spirit and blow the embers of our spirit man. Let Your ruach, Father, ignite a passion, a new passion. A new fiery passion. Set our spirits on fire this day, Father. Ignite us, ignite us, ignite us this day.”


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