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January 19, 2020

“What I’m seeing and what I’m feeling in my spirit and what I sense is the Lord is here. He’s here and He’s wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, whether you’re on the road listening to this message, wherever you are. All you have to do as an act of your will and yield unto the Spirit of the Lord is to step into His presence. For that’s where the glory is. It’s in His presence. We are glory carriers. We are glory carriers and He wants us to step into Him. You know, I heard a testimony years ago where someone had gone to heaven and he was talking about going into the throne room and he said you know, when you’re in the throne room, this is what he said. He said you bite the dust, you get on the floor. It’s hard to stand in the presence of the Lord. And he said Jesus was on the platform and He was ministering and the Father was sitting on the throne and He would go into the Father and come out of the Father. He would go into the Father and He would come out of the Father preaching and you know that’s what we’re to do. You know when Jesus was on the earth, all He says, He told everybody I only speak what I hear My Father speak. How much better, how much it would be in all of our lives if we would do what Jesus did. Only speak what we hear the Father saying about a situation or a circumstance or ministering to other people. And I’m hearing the Lord say I want you to come into My presence. I want you to come into My presence. For there you will find your peace. There you will find your answers. For as you come into Me, I will send you back out. When you come into Me, I’m going to send you back out. And when you come back out and come from the presence of God, you’re going to know what to do in every situation and every circumstance because He has all the answers.”

Sonja Mansell

“Father I thank You that in every situation, where it seems impossible, Lord, You make all things possible. Father where there’s areas and situations, I’m hearing situations that seem impossible, Father You are the waymaker. You make a way when obstacles are in the way. Father, You remove those things. Hallelujah.”

Sonja Mansell

“You know sometimes in our life when things get hard and they get very difficult, we tend to stop and we pull away. And there’s nothing wrong pulling away and going into His presence and taking that time away from things around you and being away from individuals because Jesus did that. But there’s a difference when you stop and you just sit down and you quit. Because even though you sit down and quit, God is still working. He is constantly moving. He’s constantly moving. And He’s saying c’mon, c’mon. Pick yourself up and c’mon and walk with Me. Plow through the hard times, because let me tell you something, He’s the waymaker. He is the waymaker and where it seems impossible, where it seems difficult, it’s not as hard as you may think. Circumstances around you may appear hard and you may have things coming against you, but let me tell you something. When you stay in the presence of God, you’re going to walk right through the midst of that situation and you’re going to get the results that God wants for that situation. It may look different. It may look different than what you perceived you think it should look like. Things aren’t always the way they seem. How many of you know that we have an enemy? We have an enemy that comes against us and makes this big dramatic display and makes things really seem very, very difficult, but God is the waymaker. Jesus is the waymaker. He will make a way when there seems to be no other way. Amen.”

Sonja Mansell

“You know we sing that song, release the fullness of Your Spirit. Have ya’ll ever thought about how powerful that is? When God releases the fullness of His Spirit. Are we believing God for what we are asking Him for? Do you know what would happen if He were to release the fullness of His Spirit? Think about that. What a transformation. What a transformation. Are we ready for the shekinah glory of God? Are we ready? Are we truly ready for the fullness of God? Think about what it would do. It would drive out every impurity. Every impurity. It will affect your body. It will affect your soul. So as we sing this again, I want you to think about that. And I want you to picture that. The glory of God is here and we know that. But I want you to picture everything being dried up and coming out of you that is not of God. And if you need healing in your body, if you need healing in your body, receive your healing now in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Sonja Mansell

“We empty ourselves to be filled with more of You, Father. More of You. Lord as we move into Your presence, and we move out of Your presence, Your presence goes with us. But as we move into You, we move out of You. I thank You Father God for the transformation. That we bring glory and honor to You, Lord. Oh Father, as You move, we want more. As You speak we want more. Oh, Father.”

Sonja Mansell

“I just keep hearing I walk with you and I talk with you. I walk with you, I talk with you. I give My glory and I walk with you.”

India Nichols

“Spinning off of what she just said, when she said that, I hear He has the answers. There’s those that are listening, those that are hearing and have been asking the Lord specific things. He has all the answers. And I’m hearing the word relax. Receive as He talks to you and He walks with you and hear what He is saying. And you say, I don’t hear the voice of God. Yes you do. Yes you do. We all do. He’s always talking. He says turn a fine ear to what I’m saying and as I walk with you and talk with you, you’re going to know exactly what to do because I’m going to show you what to do. I’m going to speak to you. It may be 1 word, it may be a full sentence, it may be a conversation that you have with the Lord. But He’s going to tell you what to do. He said it’s not that difficult. If you have time to sit down and have a conversation with an individual in the natural, then take the time to sit down and listen and talk with Him. And you talk to Him just like I’m talking to you. Just have a conversation with Him because He has answers. As He’s walking, He’s talking. As you're walking, He’s talking. Listen to what He’s saying. Listen to what He’s saying. Listen to what He’s saying and when He tells you something, ask Him what do you want, what do I need to do with that, if you don’t have the full understanding. And He’s going to show you. Amen.”

Sonja Mansell

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