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January 17, 2021 (con't)

“So what I am hearing the Lord say is listen. Listen, listen, listen to My heartbeat. You will find My heartbeat. Listen for My heartbeat in the land. Listen for My heartbeat. It is fury. There is fury and there is a fierceness in My heartbeat today. Listen. Put your ear to the ground and listen. My heartbeat is coming. I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. “


“Listen, for my heartbeat. Listen, listen.”


“I just saw a lot of badges and it was like marshal badges. Badges for marshals and not just sheriffs. So Lord, right now, we just thank You for angel armies that have US marshal badges on. And badges, Father, I couldn’t see what kind they were. We welcome that. We say yes to that. We acknowledge that in Your name Lord Jesus, as King of Hosts, elgebor, dread champion who’s never been defeated in Jesus’ name.”


“So as Laurita said that, I’m just going to say what I heard. It’s like there’s a meeting going on in heaven and I don’t even know what that means. So you’re talking about the marshal badges. It’s like a meeting for release or something. So I just put that out there. Father God I thank You that we get to enter into what You’re doing in heaven Father, that we get to release from this place and come into agreement with heaven this day.”


“Here's what the Lord says. He says there’s angels stirring the altars in heaven. Their stirring the fire, they’re stirring the altars. He says they’re stirring the fire. He says I’m about to release My fire. He says I’m hovering, I’m hovering, I’m hovering over the earth like I did when I created it, when I created it. He says I’m hovering. My heart is beating in the earth, on the earth and above the earth. He says I’m hovering like I was when I created the earth. He says I’m hovering. I’m hovering. He says don’t look at what you’re seeing. He says look up and see Me hovering. Look up and see My hovering. So the altars are stirring in heaven. He said the fire, the fire. The angels with fire are coming. The Lord says don’t look at anything you see. Look at Me hovering. Don’t look at anything you see, look at Me hovering.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And the cloud of witnesses has mounted white horses and as God hovers and hovers closer and closer to the earth they’re coming as warriors.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I saw the angels coming down and they were on horses and they were coming out from behind the throne and as they came out from behind the throne they had their spears raised with blood on it because they dropped the end of a spear on the altar where the mercy seat of Jesus was. It’s His blood that’s poured out and they came down in a “V” and they made a line in the sand that says no more. No more. They made a line in the sand that says no more. No more. I thank You Father God for what You’re fixing to do in this earth and I give You glory for the warriors that have risen and the covenant of Your blood through Your Son Jesus.”


“Psalm 46 says at daybreak His help will be seen with the appearing of the dawn when the nations are in an uproar and their tottering kingdoms. God simply raises His voice and the earth begins to disintegrate before Him. Here He comes. The commander, the mighty God of angel armies is on our side.”


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