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January 12, 2020

“Father we thank You for how You work Father God. We thank You for You, Father God and how You work Father God and we just release to You the ability to work. Father God, we just release to You the ability to work. What I was scrambling back here doing is when we were at the garden tomb in Israel, we reached down and we picked up this rock. We’re like how are we going to get it back through all of the luggage because of the weight. We’re coming out of Israel and they are more conscious about weight than we are over here. It’s weight. So we got it here. It’s still little bitty, but we wanted the big thing. See, the garden tomb does not represent His death, it represents the resurrection. He’s not there. But it represents what He wants us to do. It represents the power that He gave us. And for all of the years that we have been pushing, and pushing here on this land, to open and maintain a portal that God can pour into this region. I remember when David VanKoevering walked into this church, the first thing he said is this is an open portal. And God said come this morning, and on the altar lay down this rock to represent the open portal that’s here. We’re not pushing it to get open, we’re pushing it to get ourselves into it. So come, let’s go into that open portal that’s already open here. Hear Him, work with Him. Know what He is saying, leave here with your next assignment for the week. Step into that place with Him. Listen to Him. Hear His heart, hear His heart. Know His heart for you.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Step into revelation, step into more of His presence, step into the fullness of what He has here, step in. Step in. We press forward, Lord. We want more of You. We’re not satisfied. We can’t stay here. We step in, step in. More of You, we press in for Your sound. We press in for Your presence. We press in, we press in. We step into Your beat. We want more. We want more of You, more of You, more revelation, more power, more gifts, more healings, more miracles. More Lord. More vision, more vision. We want to see, we want to see so we can decree, Lord. This is Your year. This is our year to step in for more of You. Stir it up, stir it up, stir it up. Stir up more passion for You, more of You. We want to give up everything, Lord. Give up everything for You, lay it down. Lay ourselves on Your altar. We lay our sound on Your altar. We lay our gifts on Your altar. Everything. Everything. Everything. More of you, Lord. More of You, more of You. We want to see more. We want to hear more. We’re going to walk in more, Lord. Walk in more. Bigger mindsets, bigger mindsets. Let our minds conceive what You’re showing us, Lord. The helmet of salvation, Lord. It expands our mindsets, Lord more than we’ve ever known. Take off the limits, Lord. Take off the limits of our minds. Lay down our old mindsets, Lord. Lay down the walls that we’ve put up, Lord. More in Your revelation. Expand us. Let us be able to imagine more of You. Imagine more of You, what You have for us, Lord. Where the enemy has put on a hat, we take it off. Where the enemy’s covered us up we take it off now, we take it off. We have to take it off to step into more of Him. Take off the old. That old mantel. That shroud of death, take it off, Lord. Because there’s death if we’re not walking in the more life. Newer levels, Lord. We choose You, we choose the light. We choose more of You. Take off the old and we’re asking what Your new is. Let our hearts beat with Yours, let our hearts beat with Yours. We take back the land. We take back the land. We won’t give it up. It’s Your land. It’s Your land. We’re taking the land. No devil can have this land, it’s Your land. Your beat is in the land, it’s Your land. We take the land, we take the land. It’s Your creation, Lord. We take it back. It’s Your land, This is Your land. We bless this land to be used by You. Lord, new sound. Release the land. It’s crying out. It’s crying out. It’s Your land. We take this land. No devil can take this land. It’s Your land. Father God, it’s Your land.”

“So what the Father is showing me even sometimes we think land for peace. But, so He’s taking me to Israel. When they gave up the land, it was like I just felt the grief of the Father’s heart that they gave up the land that He had for them. And the sound for the Jewish people that God intended them to have that land. And I believe they will get it back, but God intended them to have that land connection and what they bring to the land, releasing the heartbeat of the land to the Father is so important. And so Father, I thank You. We will not give up the land that You have given us. We will not give up. We continue to expand our boundaries, Father. We move our stakes out Lord. We take this land in the name of Yeshua for You, Father. We do not give up this land.”

Sheila Zehr

“Ok so we hit the beat. We hit the beat. We hit the cadence of the marching of the cloud of witnesses in this place. We hit it. And as soon as we hit it, the cloud of witnesses are marching in, marching in. And what I saw was the heavens open up right here over this portal that has been established in this place. And the cloud of witnesses are looking over and what I saw, I can’t really explain it. But what I saw is this scroll thing, and somebody, I’m just going to say kind of ‘flicked down’ out of this open portal into this place today. A scroll that came down. I don’t know what is on it, but that’s what I saw.”

Konnie Victory

“And when Konnie told me that, I said say that, because I have the rest of it. And I couldn’t put it together without the first part of it with what I saw. And what I saw, I don’t know who they are, but they’re gone into the cloud of witnesses and they’ve been praying for hundreds of years for this land. But I saw them come out of the cloud of witnesses and I saw them sit down on this land with the Lord Jesus and it’s the great chiefs and they were dressed in magnificent color and they were happy. They were in a state of sheer happiness and it’s this piece of paper, made an exchange. It’s an exchange document for the sound that has been ruling this land. It is the sound of the enemy and they have exchanged beats. They signed a document this day for the sound of the Father to permeate out of this land. And it will first go into the Choctaw people and it will come out of the Choctaw people and they will come to a place where they are making a sound of success and restoration and not only restoration, but it will be restitution.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Flow, flow. Release the sound. Release the sound. We release the sound. The heartbeat. Sound of freedom. It’s the sound of freedom.”

Sheila Zehr

“Lord Jesus, we welcome You. We welcome You. We welcome You to rest on us, to guide us. To give us Your heartbeat, to give us Your sound. The sound that You want resonating from this land. We will not give up this land. But we will take it. Every inch of it, every step of it for You. For You. For You. It’s Your heartbeat. It’s Your sound here. It’s Your cadence. It’s You, Lord Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Give us more of You, more of You, more of You, Lord. More of Your glory Lord. Fill us up so we take it when we leave. Fill us up, fill us up with Your glory. When we leave here, we take it. Release it where we go, Lord. Don’t want the same oh, same oh. We want the new. We want the new wine. We want Your new wine, Lord. Prepare this wineskin. Prepare this wineskin for the new wine. Prepare this wineskin for the new glory. More of You, more of You. Release Your new sound, release Your new beat. We want to take it with us, Your new sound, Your new beat. Want to walk in it, Lord. All we want to hear is You. All we want to feel is You. Take off the old, Lord. All we want is new, all we want to feel is You. And not be overtaken by the enemy's sound. Not be overtaken by the enemy’s feet. We release God’s feet. We overtake the enemy. So we step on the land as we take the land. We release God’s sound, we release God’s beat.”

Sheila Zehr

“So Father we thank You for who You are. Father, I thank You. I thank You, Father that we learn that You’re the dread champion. And Father God, we ask You to step into this portal, into this place and we welcome You and the Dread Champion of this land, Father God. This land will no longer be held by the enemy because You’re children are here to work with the Dread Champion who will defeat every enemy, every nation, every leader. And I prophesy that every leader in this land that is now working against what the Father is wanting to do in this land. I prophesy this day they will meet the Dread Champion and He will mark them with a mark that can never be removed off of them and the Dread Champion will come and you will see the destruction of the plans of the enemy come forth in the next few years in this land. It is coming. God said in 5, even before 5; 2 years, even 2 years you’re going to see. And He says there’s exposure rumbling in the land now. And He says help Me root it up. Help Me root it up. Help me root it up. It’s going to be rooted out and you will see Godly people take over into political and business places, Father. And Father, I thank You for these things. I thank You that You are our Dread Champion. I thank You, Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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