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February 9, 2020

“So Father, engulf us in a realm of confidence we’ve never walked in Father God. Open the rooms of heaven, Father God. Open the rooms of heaven that our ancestors closed Father God when they walked in fear and they brought fear into the bloodline Father God. We come into those rooms of heaven, Father God that will restore our confidence.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“There’s a great assembly going on in the cloud of witnesses. And the cloud of witnesses are standing before the Father and they’re saying, these are the wheats among the tares. These were the tares that walked among us and they’re asking for a sifting. They’re asking for a sifting through the history to expose the tares and the wheats and separate. A separation into our history that brings the truth. Who were the wheats and who were the tares?”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So the Lord says, watch as My fire explodes into the earth. He says fire will come from My nostrils and it will burn into the earth and it will burn the truth into the earth and now you will see a generation that lives in truth, no longer deception. You will see a generation that lives in truth.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“The Lord says, where people have sifted the dust of the earth and spoke to the elements, God said no more, no more, no more. For I am the bright and morning star says the Lord Jesus. And I am the One that will shine. I am the One that will shine. I am the One that will shine says the Lord Jesus. My star, My will, My will, will shine greater than any element of the earth.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I’m just going to have to say this because I can’t figure out how to sing it. When you were talking about sifting, I saw like this whirlpool. And I feel like it was a God whirlpool and it was like God was drawing down the dross. He was pulling away the things that needed to go and I heard the cream rises to the top.”

Sheila Zehr

Prophetic Song

“Rise up Lord, we rise with you. We fly like eagles, Lord. We soar Lord. We pick up our feet and we fly. We don’t want to stay on the ground, we fly with You, we fly with You. Lord we rise and we won’t be pushed down. And we won’t be pushed out for we rise Lord to the top.

We rise, we rise with You, oh God. For no longer will we be pushed down. No longer will we be pushed out. Lord we rise. We rise. We rise with You, Lord, we rise. We rise and we flow. Oh healing waters flow, healing waters flow. We rise. We rise.”

Sheila Zehr/Sonja Mansell

“Just shake death off. If it’s death of finances, whatever it is. Death of dreams. Shake it off. Let it go. Let it go. Let it come off of you. Don’t carry it. Let it go. Raise a hallelujah. Tell you enemies, here I am. I’m here. I’m alive.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“This is what the instruments are prophesying. They are saying I’m digging. I’m digging. I’m digging. I’m bringing a cleansing to the minds. He says, there’s going to be a new mindset. He says it’s a cleansing. It’s a cleansing. You will have to put on my mind. It’s going to be my mind. He says, I’m whirling deep into the minds. I’m whirling deep into the points of you. I haven’t heard that one before. I’m going deep into the points of you. And He said, I’m remaking them into Mine. Anything you’ve been teetering and tottering back under, change your mindset. God says tip it today. Tip it over today. Tip it over today.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So take off your grave clothes this day. Take them off and build your confidence in the Lord.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“There’s another place we’re going now. It’s called confidence. It’s confidence. How many of you have got the confidence for the next season? Everybody looks at our defeats, right? We’ve got to get to confidence for the next season. We’ve got to get to the confidence of where God is going. Now what the confidence is that I am me and He can use me. Somebody was asking me questions this week. Well, why did you make that choice? And I said, I made that choice when I wasn’t serving the Lord and I’ve had to overcome it. And we’ve all been in those situations. I walked into that when I wasn’t serving the Lord. C’mon, lots of us have been in that place, right? And I had to walk out of it. I had to even change my point of view. That’s hard, right? It really is. We don’t want to give up our point of view. How many of you don’t want to let your point of view go.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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