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February 16, 2020

Updated: May 11, 2020

“So Father, we recognize Your awesomeness. You’re awesome. You’re the true God. You’re the only God. You are the first, You’re the last. There’s none before You. There’s none after You, Lord Jesus. And so Father God, everything that we have put before You, this day, Father God,we shake off of us and we tell it to go. We tell it to let us come into Your presence. We tell it to step aside. What walked in on us has to go out that we can come into the depth of You, Father. Oh Father, we come to hear Your voice. We come to hear Your strategy. We come to abide with You, Father. We come, Father God. I’m just going to tell you what I’m hearing. There’s somebody in here, just put your bitterness down. Even though you’re not bitter at anybody in this room, put the bitterness down that came from where you came from. Let it drop and shake it off, the Lord says. He says come with Me. Come with Me.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Fill the air with Your glory, Lord. We lay all of the negative down. Fill the air with Your glory so the only thing that can stand is Your joy, Your presence. Division has got to go. Division has got to go. We pick up Your joy.”


“And I’m hearing the Lord say let go of the ball and chain. Let go of the ball and chain that you’ve been dragging around. Let it go, let it go, let it go so the rivers of life can flow. For your circumstances are nothing new to the Lord. For He knew what was coming, but He says it’s time for you to let it go. You’ve picked up the ball and chain and I’m seeing that chain break. I’m seeing that chain break. I’m seeing that ball rolling away into the depths. Into the depths of the ocean. And the Lord says as you let go, He’s going to flow out of you and miracles are going to start taking place. Miracles are going to start taking place. I’m seeing in the next 7 days there’s going to be a transformation in your circumstance, a transformation in your mind He said. The Lord says let it go, let it go so the river can flow. The river of life, the river of life is on the inside of you”


“So Father, we want to touch heaven. We want heaven to come down and we want to come up, Father God. We want to touch heaven, Father God. We come Father God, we come Father God. We come to touch heaven, Father God. We come, Father God for a new touch. A deeper touch. A place where we’ve never been, Father. We want to go there and we come there Father God. We come there, Father God”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“On earth as it is in heaven. On earth as in heaven. On earth as in heaven. On earth as in heaven. On earth as in heaven. We release on earth as in heaven. On earth as in heaven.”


“This word was given by Dr. Nigel Bigpond standing right here on November 30, 2012 and he said the ancient gates are opening. On our past trips to Philadelphia, NIgel said there’s ancient gates. They’re rusty. The hinges have growth and they’re covered. He said they’ve had battle axes, swords and spears and bows and arrows of all kinds stuck in them. He said I see them opening. He said they’re opening. They’re releasing very crucial revelation. They are intercessors, prayer warriors on each side of the gate on the left and the right. They are praying and then the worship warriors are worshipping in front of the gates and behind them are the prophets and then there are the apostles. And then there the pastors and the teachers and the ancient gates are beginning to open and there is a ray of hope between the gates. You can see the veil of the miraculous coming out with colors. You can see on the other side. Devout prayers warriors need to get in their place on the left and the right. Without you, the gates can not be opened. Without the gates being opened, what’s the miracles there can not be released. Worship in Philadelphia must be extreme to open these gates.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“When Rahka was beating the drums, her and Konnie and Shane, what I was seeing was the gates that were opened and I saw the ancient gates open. And it’s really cool what I was seeing but I saw, the Holy Spirit said to me, He said it’s the ancient cloud of witnesses that native cloud of witnesses in alignment. And what I saw them doing, they were praising God and they were doing their own dance. Their glory dance to the sound that was coming forth through the instruments up here. And it was the coolest thing because I kept seeing the different native chiefs from all over, not just in this area but from all over. Different tribes that have been praying and the intercessors and the cloud of witnesses that have been praying for this day and this time and it was so awesome. I just wanted to share that. There’s an anointing on those drums.”


Prophetic Song

“Waters are rising, waters are rising. waters, they’re rising. When the waters are rising, the trash flows to the top. Lord wash it away, wash it away. We release it. When His water flows over you, the trash comes to the top so release it. Let Him wash it away, let Father God wash it away. Wash it away, Lord. Wash it away, we release it to You, Lord. Wash it away so we’re ready, Lord. On earth as it is in heaven. On earth as it is in heaven. We want on earth as it is in heaven. Take us higher to the mountaintop where we can see. To the mountaintop where we can fly. Take us higher, Lord. Take us higher. Take us higher. The healing, the healing waters flow. Come with Me and I’ll heal your soul. For I am here, now with you. Healing that place that only I can do. So come with Me, come away with Me. I’ll take you there to be healed and restored. Let go of the mindset that says I’m not good enough. Let go of the mindset that says I’m just an average guy or girl. For the Lord is here to take away your fears. He’s gonna wipe every tear. Let the healing waters flow. Come away with Me. Come away with Me. Come. Diabetes has to go. Cancer has to go. High blood pressure has to go. Heart disease must go. Any malfunction, your mind has to go. Healing waters flow. Healing waters flow. Depression go. Depression go. Oppression go. Depression go. Healing waters flow.”

Sheila, Sonja

“If you’ve been battling depression just shake it off. Let it go. Depression go. Any kind of depresion go. Loose it off of you. Let it come off. There’s several in the room that’s been battling depression. Let it come off of you. Let the oppression go. Let it come off of you.”

“There’s some of you in the room that’s been having mind games over and over and over. And God says, stop. Turn off the video and stop. Let the mind games loose, let them go.”

“Just take a minute and say OK, Father. I let it all go. Just let it go. Let the oppression go. Let the worry go. And you say, how do I let worry go? You figure out how to talk to God to figure it out. So Father, we just thank You, Father, where we’ve been seeking our own selves to solve the problem, Father, we seek You. We just seek You and come after You, Father. We just thank You, Father God, we thank You for who You are. We just thank You for what You’re doing, Father. We just thank You for who You are and we just let it all come off. Let all of it go. Let the heartbreak go. We thank You, Father. Thank You for who You are, Father. In the name of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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