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December 29, 2019

“What I’m seeing, I’m seeing a rodeo pen and I’m seeing it surrounded with spectators all around and they are all watching. And they’re watching the man with a rope in his hand about to rope a calf and the man is focused. He’s totally focused and when the flagman releases the flag to go down, he instantly comes out and catches the calf and ties him down. And ties him down and the Lord says watch Me. Watch Me this year. Watch Me. He says as people gather around as you think you are surrounded, the enemy is going to see how quick I move this year as you focus. The enemy is going to see how quick I move this year and instant success comes to you.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I want to share with you what the Lord has been showing me. Earlier, I saw the war horses. They were big, they had on all of their armor, their regalia and I heard the clinking of their armor. And as they were encircling us walking around, they were nudging us with their nose and their head to get on and to mount. And I was seeing us ride a victorious ride, but what the Lord is showing me, just as we are positioning ourselves, there’s an order. It’s like first things first. There’s an order. Where we start, is right here where we are. We have to know the love of Jesus. We have to know HIs grace. We have to know His mercy. Praise goes first. And so I’m just enveloped in this atmosphere that we have of worship. We have to worship before we mount. Because the hurdles that these war horses are going to jump on our behalf, we are going to hold on. We are going to make it. But it comes first from that place of security, from that place of praise and adoration. So first things first as we are positioning ourselves in praise and adoration to Jesus. That is how we win; is we consistently just send forth praises. We hold onto those horses as we go through any hurdles that may come up against us this coming year but first things first. We praise the name of Jesus and hold on and claim our victorious ride, in Jesus name.”

Konnie Victory

“So what I see is the war horses circling now and they are beginning to march. There’s a march they’re doing, they’re ready for people to begin to take their places. It’s like we broke through. We broke through. Now the Lord says, choose your horse. Choose your mount for this upcoming year. Choose your horse. Choose the one that’s going to take you through every hurdle. They’re marching around us now. They’re marching and they’re saying c’mon, c’mon. Choose me, choose me. I”ll get you through the hurdle.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Victory is ours today. Victory is yours today. Oh, victory is yours. Oh victory is yours today. Oh victory is yours.”

Bubba Alexander

“Father, we thank you for the victory of the coming year, Father God. Father God, we already thank You in advance for victory Father God. We expect victory. We know we are walking into victory, Father. We are looking ahead and we are moving to victory, Father. We thank You for the victory. We thank You, Father God that we are guaranteed victory.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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