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December 15, 2019

“So when I was coming in this morning, I was about 1 or 2 miles from coming onto the reservation. I was listening to my music and I was singing and it was like all of a sudden there was a stampede of hoofbeats coming into the city of Philadelphia. It was a herd and they were stampeding. And as we’ve been in worship, I’ve just been asking the Lord what is that about? And I feel like it is for breakthrough. They’re bringing breakthrough today. And as soon as you started Deborah on that mattah, something shifted and I heard the Lord say put your ear to the ground. Put your ear to the ground because it is this day that I am ushering in the stampede of My glory in this city, in this region. And I also heard that it is for us as well. That there is breakthrough that they are bringing into this place today. Wherever we need breakthrough in our lives, the Lord is reminding me that breakthrough is ours, that we already have the victory secured in Jesus today. So this day, I’m just partnering with the victory that Jesus has established in my life personally and in our lives personally in this region, in this area because the Lord has brought the stampede of breakthrough in this place today in Jesus name.”

Konnie Victory

Prophetic Song

“Sing a little louder, sing a little louder, we sing for the breakthrough. We sing for the breakthrough. Raise a hallelujah. We thank You for Your horses of breakthrough. We thank You for the breakthrough that’s already here. Raise a hallelujah. We raise a hallelujah. Lord of the breakthrough. You’re the Lord of the breakthrough. Praise to the Lord of breakthrough, praise. Raise a hallelujah. We raise a hallelujah. Those things where we need breakthrough, Lord we claim the breakthrough. The situations, those things where we need breakthrough, we declare Your breakthrough. We decree Your breakthrough. See it. See the breakthrough. We step in, we step into Your breakthrough, Lord. Even ride our horse of breakthrough. He has a horse of breakthrough for you. Ride a horse of breakthrough. We ride our horse of breakthrough. We see Your breakthrough.”

Sheila Zehr

“So what I’m seeing is you’re talking about horses of breakthrough for the region. So there’s things that we’re needing to see break that we’re really praying into, Lord and I thank You for the breakthrough that’s coming this morning and coming into some of the things that we’ve been praying into and going to places, Father. We call that forth, we receive that. We decree that breakthrough this day. Father I thank You in the name of Yeshua. We come into agreement with that in the name and through the blood of Yeshua Hamashiach."

Sheila Zehr

Prophetic Song

“We raise a hallelujah for what You’re doing, Lord. We raise a hallelujah for who You are, Lord. We raise a hallelujah, we raise a hallelujah, we raise a hallelujah for all that You have done, all you are doing, Lord. We raise a hallelujah. We release our voice. We decree a little louder. We decree a little louder. We raise our voices in praise to You.”

Sheila Zehr

“So a little while ago we hit the cadence where the cloud of witnesses were marching in. They were marching in and then what they brought in, they established on stage up there, lots of angelic activity. And then I saw the horses come in, marching proudly because the King of glory had been ushered in by our praise. They were proud, they were confident because they were hosting the glory. And then I saw the Lord establish 2 angels on each side of this platform to hold in, to maintain this glory portal that nothing would defile where the presence of the Lord has been ushered in. And I just felt the heart of the Father and His good pleasure as we partner with Him to call forth that shekinah glory. And I thank You, Father that Your glory has been established in this place today. That it is secured in Jesus’ name.”

Konnie Victory

“While you’re saying that Konnie, I heard glory horses.”

Sheila Zehr

“As Konnie is telling this, God has been reminding me. God does things for us that we ask and sometimes we forget we ask. Is that fair enough? And I asked God something for me. And I said this several months ago. I travel all the time. I leave here on one day and I get back and I make sure that I’m here on Wednesday night if at all possible and I get back here on Sunday morning, am I right, Sheila? If at all possible, I make sure I’m back here. I asked God, as busy as I am, there’s one thing I would really like to do this year. I would really like to watch the champion of champions. I should have asked him to go. I want to see it on TV this year. It’s one of my favorite horse races every year. And what the champion of champions is about is an invitation. You have to earn it. You don’t just enter, you don’t pay an entry fee, you’re invited because you're the top of the 10 best horses proven throughout the year. It is based on winning and money earning and you’re proven to be the top. And so at the end of the year, every December the top horses in the United States meet and race against each other for who is the champion. So. God said last night at 9:00, turn on the TV and I’m like what is it? Turn on the TV. He said go to the racehorse channel and I did and they said and we’ll be playing the champion of champions in an hour. And I thought, oh my gosh, I forgot it. I’ve been so busy I forgot it and here it is. God you did this just for me. Just for me. The winner last night was a 7 year old gelding by the name of He Looks Hot. Nice name. He’s won it 4 times. This is not his first time to win the champion of champions. This is his 4th time. And it didn’t come without fighting for it folks. They interviewed the trainer. A man by the name of Scott Willougby. And I remember sitting at a table and getting into a long conversation about belief systems with Scott and his wife. And I said, wow, these people are unstoppable. When I heard her tell about how they believed and how they would just do and they are unstoppable. They interviewed Scott last night. They said, how have you pulled him through? And Scott is a believer. He gives glory to God. You see, you have to fight for the good things. This horse had 4 surgeries for colic. Not 1, not 2, but 4. And he was so deathly ill that Scott said last night we had to take turns sitting with him for days. For days. And how many of us would have given up and walked away on those days? For him to come back and prove he is the best horse in the whole country. Isn’t that amazing? So sometimes we have to fight for the breakthrough. When the horses come, when they are proud, because when that horse walked in the winner’s circle, he was so proud last night. With million dollar earnings. I didn’t say a hundred dollars, what did I say? Million dollar earnings behind his name. Amazing? So when it looks like the horses are not coming, you have to say where are they God and let me get in beat with them. When it looks like things are not working, you’ve got to say, Father, let me step into the right cadence. You see, you can get in the wrong cadence. In other words, you can get in the wrong song. You can move in a sound of death. Are you with me? But when they were working to save the horse, they were refusing to step into that sound of death. They were refusing to walk in death. Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? They were putting another sound. They said we will do whatever it takes to overcome this. So go God. And he did. He walked into the winner’s circle as a proud champion. See, God created the horse to show his power. He sends the horses to patrol the earth to tell Him what’s going on. Isn’t that amazing?”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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