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December 1, 2019

“So for those of you have noticed in the last few days we have moved into a new moon, a new month, moving into the month of Hanukkah and the lights. And for some reason this year, I’m enjoying the cool and everything but for some reason the getting dark so early has been bothering me this year. And as I was studying a little bit on the new month, it’s talking about coming into Hanukkah and coming into His light even at a time when the nights were longer in the physical, if we will come and step into His light, come out of that darkness, what’s in the physical and step into the spiritual part how God can raise us higher. So Father God, I thank You for this new month that we are coming in and we raise a hallelujah for this new month that You are bringing us into as we are coming into Hanukkah and the miracle of the light that lasted for 8 days, Father God. And we want to raise a hallelujah to You and in this first fruits we always take an offering in first fruits because we want to give our money, the first fruits of the month to Him so He can bless everything else that we have. There is also the principle of first fruits of time and I think that command the morning is kind of a first fruits principle of setting your day. Coming before the sun rises for the day and commanding your morning for what God wants for that day and that the enemy can not take that. So Father, I thank You for how each month You bring us into first fruits where we can again reset ourselves for what You have for that month and step into that everything that You have in the month for us. And we give You all glory, honor and praise.”

Sheila Zehr

“And the Lord says I’m reigning. I’m reigning in a new way on this land. He says, I’m reigning on a group of warriors that have been hidden. This is My warriors, He said. This is My warriors and they are well trained by Me. They are well trained by Me but they have been hidden in the background. They’ve been hidden because My body hasn’t understood them. They’ve been hidden because they understand how to command My land. They understand how to command the atmosphere. They understand how to work with Me in bringing forth the day and the night where My people reign. And the Lord says, I’m reigning in this land. I’m reigning down, I’m reigning down with the beat of the warrior. The warrior I’m calling out of the closet, the warrior I’m coming to call to come forth and to command my atmosphere, to command the earth, to command the land. Command it to rain as Elijah did and command it to stop as Elijah did. Command. Command My land. Command the atmosphere. Command what satan has been commanding, for it is My people’s privilege to command the land.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

Prophetic Song

“Creation is groaning. Creation is groaning for us to take our place. Warriors arise. Warriors arise. Warriors arise.”

Sheila Zehr

“It’s all about us learning to command. It’s about us not blaming the other for our problem. It’s about us stepping up. It’s all about us learning to command. The Lord said, when My people danced upon this land, they danced the rhythm of this land They danced to the sound of the land. They commanded the land. It’s all about commanding. It’s all about the dance of commanding. It’s about the sound of learning to command the land. The Lord says, the enemy took it, now take it back. The enemy took the command, now take it back. You can set the pitch and the sound of the land by your command. You can set the pitch and the sound of the atmosphere by your command. You can set the pitch and the sound of the sky. Even the night sky by your command.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“As Ruth Ann said that, what came to me is God’s been all about the horses recently and there was a time when it was all about the eagles, but the horses connect with the land. We have that beat and that connection.”

Sheila Zehr

“And the Lord says stir the atmosphere so I can come as a whirlwind in this land. He says stir the ground so I can pound the ground with My hooves of My horses as I ride the land. The Lord Jesus says I’m coming to this region. I’m coming into this region. He says the enemy thought that he has won. The enemy is about to come to a greater halt than the enemy has ever seen in this land. He said this land that was once deemed as the land of hatred will become a land of brotherly love. And He said it will be true love. It will not be fake love, it will be true love. It will be true understanding. It will be man working with man in this land.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So Father, we just thank You that we take our place in time, Father God. You put us in this time and You put us in this place, Father and we learn to bring to this land what You desire for this land.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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