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August 22, 2021

“So I’m hearing winds. I’m literally hearing winds. Is anybody else hearing winds? So the winds are swirling and they’re changing direction. There’s a change in direction in the wind and the Lord is in the wind. The Spirit is in the wind.”


“We welcome You, Holy Spirit. We welcome You Kadosh Ruach into our midst today. We welcome you angelic hosts.”


“So we finally did tap into that beat that we were supposed to. And now, if you listen carefully, you’re going to hear that train. You’re going to hear that train of momentum that has the change that we need to get in and hold on because the momentum of change is roaring through the land.”


“I have recently heard Robin Bullock say it's being taken down to Gideon’s army. It’s being taken down to the size of Gideon’s army and he says that we're going to see those that can’t keep the momentum fall to the wayside. And he says it’s the size of Gideon’s army. He says they’ll take down the asteroff poles. You’ve got to keep momentum to fight in Gideon’s army. You can't let the train leave you. You've got to ride with it.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“How lovely are You, Lord. How majestic, how regal. As Your train fills the temple, we worship You. We fall down on our faces before You today. Our hearts are Yours.”


“This is what I hear the Lord say. He says I never left this land. He said people just left watching Me, People just stopped watching Me. He said but I am very much in this nation. My train is filling this nation. He said it’s not just the temple. He says My train is going around this nation. He said I am very much in this land. He said follow Me. He says follow where My train goes and you’ll be right with Me, right with Me. He says because that train, that train that’s rolling around this land is following My train that is flowing around this land.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And I’ve been hearing the word roll call. Roll call. Have you got your ticket? Get on board that train. Have you got your ticket? It’s roll call time. We’re down to the 300. Are you on the roll? Get your ticket now.”


“What God's doing is bigger than we can imagine. It’s what I’m hearing. What God’s doing in the land it’s more than we can imagine. It encompasses everything. It encompasses everything. All the 7 mountains. It’s what He’s doing here, it’s bigger than we're thinking. Step in and we’re stepping in. It’s roll call. Do you want your name on there. There’s a roll call. Your name is being called, will you answer? It’s big, it’s huge. You want to be on that train. I even hear pick your seat. You can be inside by the aisle. You can be by the window, you can be outside on the roof of the train and seeing everything take your stand, pick your seat. Where will you watch from? Where are you called?”


“I just heard leave your baggage at the door. We don't have time to bring it with us. There is no time. Leave your baggage at the door. Claim your seat and get on and go with the glory. Leave your baggage at the door.”


“So Father where the sound of the blues came out of Mississippi, Father God, where the black man sung the wrong words to that sound. . .

Ruth Ann McDonald

“Father in the name of Jesus, we repent God for where the wrong sound - we reverse that sound in the name of Jesus. God, forgive us in the name of Jesus, Father, where we were listening in our misery and our hurt, God, to the blues thinking that it could heal the soul. But God, in the name of Jesus, I renounce and I reject that curse and I repent on that sound and we release into this earth today the new sound of heaven. The Kingdom. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done. God the new sound, the new frequency of heaven. God I even release that, exchange that old sound, God for the new sound and pull that into the DNA of the black race of my people God, in Jesus name. That they will hear the frequency from heaven. They will hear the new sound, the new sound. God, we thank You for the new sound, the new beat, God the new frequency. God thank You, in Jesus’ name.”


“For somebody watching, you’re saying but what’s going on in the world and God says invite Me in. He said I just need My invitation. So Father God, greater because You said all the earth is yours. Release Your measure of greater.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“There's somebody watching and your heart is being healed. It’s not from like a heart attack, but it’s from heartbreak. It’s been one heartbreak after the other over your lifetime and you’re like making a list of heartbreaks and God said I’m taking all that out of your heart today. He says it’s lessons learned. No longer heartbreaks. He says it’s a lesson to earn to become My great warrior. I don’t know who I’m speaking to but the Lord said the reason the enemy attacked you so hard is because of the call. So Father God, healing.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And I lift up the Native people of this land, Father God and bring a new level of healing to the heart’s there. A level they’ve never walked in for many years Father God, a brand new level. A level of freedom. A level of freedom that they’ve never known before Father. And I thank You, Father. In the name of Jesus."

Ruth Ann McDonald

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