August 11, 2019

“What the Father is showing me back before the Civil War. He’s showing me the plantation system of Mississippi and we brought religion into it. We brought religion into it. We said we were doing everything in the name of Jesus and we set a standard that we don’t understand. So Father God, I speak to the land of Mississippi and I repent to You that we brought religion. That we set religion into our houses, into our economy, into our way of work, Father God. I repent Father God, that through our generations we have passed the system of religion and the religious belief, Father God. Father God, I repent for this land that You made and You called Mississippi the great father of waters, Father God. So Father God, we are asking You, we are asking You with our repentance, just to start releasing Mississippi out of the chains of religion to know the true apostolic movement of Your Son, the Lord Jesus, Father God. And we line up, we mount on our horses this day. And we mount up as we give up religion into the armies of the heavenly armies that are working here on the earth, Father God. We meet the armies here on earth Father God to fight this day with the armies of heaven.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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