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August 11, 2019

“So the religious spirit that we’re talking about, the religious structure is really about judgement. Think about how Yeshua never judged. And that was the thing that He got most angry with the Pharisees. They would judge others and expect them to tow their own line. It wasn’t what He expected. So Father, this day, we want to lay down the weight of judgement. Judging ourselves and judging others. That spirit of religion would tell us that we have to measure up or we need to see others measure up, Father to our scale instead of Yours. Father, that we repent and we lay that down, Father. And we are asking that to be swept away, Father from this land. That in this place, Your Spirit would come in so strong, just like when Yeshua walked the earth and that could not stay here. That could not abide.”

Sheila Zehr

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