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August 11, 2019

“Father, this dire strait, as we come to the last day of dire strait, come to the last moments with dire strait, what is the last thing that we have got to lay down that will allow us to be one of the 3 in the room to do miracles? Not just to be in the group, not to be one of the twelve but to be 1 of the 3 in the room who walks in miracles with You, Father God. Oh Father, Father, we take our chains off. We lay down our self, Father God. We pour out our self before You, for You to separate. Let this go, and I will let you be 1 of the 3 I call to do signs, wonders and miracles. Oh Father, Father, let us, let us, Father God, let us cleanse right now. And I know Your heart is calling us. I hear Your heart calling us to give up so much right now that we become part of the room. Part of the room that saw Jairus’ daughter raised from the dead. Not when she walked out of the room, but when we saw the miracle in the room, Father God. We were a part of the healing in the miracle in the room, Father. God. We’re asking for that anointing to fall here in this day Father God. The anointing that it took to bring her to life as we stand in the room with You, Father God. As we give up those things on the inside of us, that we’re not excluded from the room to wait outside, Father. Take us into the inner group. Those that are willing to do that. Those that are willing to be circumcised to the point today we can stay in the room. Let that anointing, let that anointing come here, Father God. Father God, we say we will steward that anointing. Let it fall. And as you let that anointing fall, He will teach us how to steward it. Father God, teach us how to steward that anointing Father God. Because when you ask for this, you have to steward it, He says. So Father God, we just bow before You . We just say, Father, Father, Father, oh Lord Jesus, just come. Come Father God. Come Lord Jesus. Show us our doubt. Show us our anger. Show us our fears. Oh Father God, show us our generational sins. Show us the trauma that bonds us. Oh show us those things that other people see that we deny. Father God, I tell the spirit of denial to leave this room now. We cannot walk in denial any longer. We have to walk in truth. So let the Spirit of Truth come. And where denial has filled us, Father God, open our eyes to see the cleansing that it takes to be 1 of the 3 in the room with You. And we perform the miracle with You. We are a part of the miracle working that You are releasing Father. Oh Father, oh Father, Lord Jesus, we worship You. We exalt You, Father. Give up malice. Malice has to leave this room. Malice has to go. Judgmental, critical spirits have to leave. Slandering, gossip, back biting has to go. The Absalom spirit has to leave this place. We will not tolerate Absalom at our gate. And we say, in the name of Jesus, the grim reaper cannot reap any longer in the name of Jesus. We call forth the healing oil and the healing balm of Gilead. We call forth healing into bones and joints, into marrows, into bodies, into organs. We call forth healing into our emotions and into our minds, into our very beings. Into our core, Father God and we say this piece of property that His ministry sits on, we call a deeper healing of the balm of Gilead to heal this land that this building sits on Father God, that Your Presence can be housed here, Father God. We ask You, Father God to come, sit here and abide here with us, Lord Jesus. Abide with us, Lord Jesus. We exalt You. We exalt You. You’re everlasting; Lord Jesus and You’re all that will remain, Father. In the name of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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