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April 28, 2019

“The Lord says this is what you need. This is your direction. This is where you find your strategy for life. It’s not in your friends. It’s not in what anybody else is doing. And I’m going to say something that may sound strange but go back and listen to this many times until you grasp it, ok. It’s your bloodline God sees. It’s your bloodline God is wanting to use and there are connections in your bloodline to the Lord Jesus you’ve never believed but God said it’s there. He said your ancestors cried deeply for someone to lead their generations into the Lord Jesus and He says I’m going to take you there. I’m going to take you there. So the Lord says for every dream your mother’s had of you and every prayer that she’s prayed over you, for your life, for your journey, for the places that God wants to take you.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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