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April 28, 2019

“I heard the Lord ask a question. So I’m going to demonstrate what I heard. God has to use object lessons for me. If I’m holding onto something and I don’t let it go, I still have got it, right? When you let go of something, what happens? It’s away from you. So what I heard was you’re holding onto something and I heard the question, how’s it working for ya? How’s it working for ya? You say, but I can’t let go of this hurt. I can’t let go of when somebody wronged me. I can’t let go of this and I can’t let go of that. Well’s how’s it working for ya? How are you advancing in the kingdom of God? How’s your relationship with Jesus? Are you growing? Are you prospering spirit, soul and body, emotionally, physically? He says how’s it working for ya? I just heard that. When we let go of something and we partner with Holy Spirit and we partner with God and we release that hurt, we release that wound, we let it go and we repent for taking hold and partnering with the enemy because that’s what you’re doing. When you hold onto something, you are actually making a covenant, a legal contract in the demonic realm and saying this thing has more power than what God can do for me. Ok, it’s time for you to break covenant, for you to do away with those contracts. You have held onto things and it causes you to be powerless and it opens doors for the enemy to attack you in other areas of your life. Ok, so when we let go of those things which have held us back, spirit, soul and body and we partner with Him and we release it and you partner with Holy Spirit. What I mean by partner with Him, when you repent, you say Father, forgive me and He says it’s under the blood of Jesus. You plead the blood of Jesus over that situation and you release it. That’s not to say that whatever that person is going through, the other party that’s involved, and I don’t know why I keep saying this, or maybe it’s a legal matter or maybe it’s a financial matter, whatever it is, you are not responsible for whatever happens to them. It’s going to cause you to advance in the kingdom of God in your relationship with Jesus. When you partner with Holy Spirit, and you come to Him as a child and you repent for holding onto that and your making covenant with the enemy, then what happens is, what Holy Spirit says is c’mon. C’mon it’s time. It’s time, it’s Kairos time. You’re living in kronos time if you’re hanging onto the past. You’re hanging onto the world’s time. Kairos time is God’s time. So it’s time for you to let go, partner with Holy Spirit, and walk through the door. I don’t know what’s going on in your life but God knows and I just heard, how’s it working for ya? If it’s not working for ya and it’s working against you and it’s causing more ill for you, you need to let go of it and you need to repent. Amen. That’s what I heard.”

Sonja Mansell

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