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April 19, 2020

“Last week the Lord was showing me Native American angels mounted on horses starting on the platform at GVFC, where an altar has been established. They were lined up in single file. An infinite number of them, and they were just there, like they were waiting. I was in conversation with the Lord about them and never got anything. Today, I saw the cloud of witnesses, many, many of them marching into GVFC. It is like the Native American angels on the horses were waiting on this cloud of witnesses to accompany them. There are angels, ministers of fire that are being released today to eradicate sickness, illness and disease and they are bringing healing and the peace of the Lord among the peoples.”


“So Lord, I just agree with those words and I thank You Father that it’s no coincidence that there’s a root in Neshoba County and we agree that those spiritual roots, Lord, are coming up. They are being pulled up by the roots and Father right now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we decree a release of financial wealth to Your people and to the Kingdom of God in the name of Yeshua. I’m seeing gold. So Lord if there is gold in the land, I thank You that it belongs to your Kingdom in the name of Jesus. I believe there is going to be exposure of great wealth and some of it has to do with gold. So Father, any financial corruption that needs to be exposed, we just decree that right now that it will be released and that Lord, you are putting as we hold our hands open, You are putting the wealth of Your Kingdom into the hands of Your people and so we receive it in the name of Jesus. We thank You for that transference of wealth. That divine transference of wealth in the name of Jesus. Thank You, Lord.”


“And Sonja, spinning off of what you saw in that cloud of witnesses, it is some old, old, banker that has been in the cloud of witnesses from Neshoba County repenting and he has asked for repentance and mercy before the Lord. And the Lord says I am starting from the cry of mercy that has come out of the cloud of witnesses and I’m going to pull the roots there . I’m going to pull the roots in Neshoba County. And it’s going to root, it’s a long root. It’s a deep root and you’re going to see it. It’s even going over to west Alabama. The roots are going over there and it’s pulling up and it’s pulling up and it’s rooting up. You're going to see this root going north and it’s going to go south. You’re going to see it. It’s going to come up, come up, come up and then it will go towards the river and then you’ll see it rooted out of the land. You will see it come out of the region. Father, we thank You for this, we thank You for this in the name of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“Lord we acknowledge, we thank You for the war cry, for the opening of this wealth gate, the wealth portal that is being opened up, Father God and we’re decreeing that it's going to get bigger, larger and larger and larger. And we lean into You Father God. We work with heaven and we praise You, Father, that You have owned this gate today in Jesus’ name.”


“Thank you, Father God, thank you Father. Thank You Father, God as we shift with you this day, Father God as we shift with You this day Father God and we each have our own war cry. We each have our war cry. And Father, we release our war cry over ourselves. We release our war cry over our families. We release our war cry back into the generations where the wealth stopped. Bust open the gates. It breaks down the gates of where it was bottled up. Father, Father, Father, we agree with the sound Janis released and we join into the beat, we join into the tone, we join into the beat of the drums. Thank You Father, thank You Father as heaven comes down to earth today. And what’s in the land, what’s under the land to corrupt comes up and the root comes up. The roots are coming up today. And I don’t know what this means but as the root extends, even will it extend out into the sea it will uproot and it will uproot and it will uproot. And so Father, thank You for the treasures, the treasures of the waters being released, Father God and coming up. Thank You Father God. Thank You Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“When you were saying that Ruth Ann, what I saw was the treasure chest, there’s a key. There’s a key that unlocks the treasure chest and what I saw was the chest that used to be a Global Vision. There was a chest that used to sit up front and had all these things coming out, the different treasures and things and I saw that and the Lord said that was a prophetic act that was done long ago that had been put into motion, into motion of what’s transpiring today. And I keep hearing there’s a key and it has been opened but then what I’m seeing within the treasure chest is another treasure chest and it’s like a big box and it goes down into little boxes that fit in the big box and He says to take the key and open those things that he is unlocking. He’s unlocking those things but I’m hearing Ruth Ann that you have the master key as the apostolic leader over Global Vision and you need to take that key and unlock, there’s something, there’s another little chest within there that needs to be unlocked and He says for you to take that key and use the authority that He’s given you and unlock that key that’s just going to, I’m just seeing it. I’m just seeing jewels and treasures released. It’s an ancient treasure chest within this treasure chest that I’m seeing.”


“And I saw, I believe you are holding it Ruth Ann. I saw a silver thread or cord in your hand and you’re gonna pull that root out of the land and it comes all the way into Alabama and in the sea and it’s in your hand and you’re just going to pull it up. You’re holding the thread and I agree with Sonja. You’ll have the key. You’ve got the key.”


“And I’m going to add to that. I saw it in Tennessee too and I saw the treasure chest.”


“So Father God, what I’m seeing is the key that is painted on the picture by the treasure chest that’s hanging on the wall. It’s like that is the one that has manifested to me. So Father God, I just take the key and I go back to when Paul Cox came, almost 10 years ago now, 15 years ago and he said there’s the treasure chest for Mississippi in this room and I go back to when we unlocked it and the wealth has started coming into this land. And so Father God, we open the smallest one now this day Father God. I take the key and I open it up. I’m not opening it up Father God, for anything Father God, I’m opening it up for the people of God. I’m opening it up and as our mind shifts, our mindsets shift as we understand Your way of doing things that we attain this to build your Kingdom. Father, I’m opening it wide for the Kingdom people. And so Father God, and we pull the silver cord. We pull it in joy this day. There’s a trembling. It is joyfully that we pull this cord. So Father God, as the cord is pulled and I pull it up and I pull it up out of the land, unravel, unravel, unravel, unravel unlimited, Father God. As far as this unraveling will go, Father. I know they came to Mississippi. I know during the Civil War they came to Mississippi and they tested everything they were going to do in the south against the south. They tested in Mississippi to see if it would work. Before they took it to other parts they even tested the burning of Atlanta and the burning of Mississippi. So Father God, where this has been ground zero, where this has been ground zero for the testing to see that things work Father God, we’re now becoming ground zero to pull up the corruption, Father and we joyfully pull the silver cord, Father in the name of Jesus. So Father, we release that sound (drumbeat) to the land to purge the land. As the cord is being pulled up Father God, purge the land. Purge it deep, Father. And I thank You for that Father in Jesus name.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I kept hearing coral so I looked it up in the dream book and this is what it says. It says in dreams, corals represent a thriving community full of vitality and lives in harmony. Depression or a spirit of heaviness. Is. 61:3


“Thursday night in our intercessory prayer group, it was very unusual and the Lord spoke and that now the transference of wealth has started to the church, but what Sonja said, God said He’s going to start cleansing the tax structure in the US as well as the banking structure and the insurance structure. God said He’s going to start cleansing all of this.”


“When we were doing the drum, I was led to go upstairs and get my little drum that I got from Israel when we were there. And on the front of it, it has Miriam and I felt like I’m supposed to release this little bit of song that Miriam sang once they went through the Red sea and she says, sing to the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously. Horse and rider, He has thrown into the sea. And that’s all there is to it but alot into those words so we declare those words right now over everything that we have done this morning that pertains to everything that we’ve seen, Lord. Things to our ancestors because way back then I feel like there’s such a strong link to the ancestors this morning and going back and pulling up all those dormant blessings that have laid dormant in our bloodline. But also the blessings over the city and the state and the nation that have laid dormant because they are there. The blessings, we need to help bring forth over our family and that’s what I’m seeing that we’re needing to do this morning. It’s a strong line connecting to our past, but it’s to bring up the good in our past and the blessings in our past.”


“Re-surrender to the Lord. You know Him. It’s not that you don’t serve Him. You do know Him and you do serve Him but you need to re-surrender to His army. You’ve been questioning and you’re like oh, the last few weeks have been so hard, God. You just need to re-surrender to get your voice, to get your roar to get your sound. To get what you’re speaking in line with what He's saying is coming. Just don’t worry about your business. I’m just hearing don’t worry about your business. It’s going to be better than ever before. It’s going to be better than ever before. It’s going to be some differences, but it’s going to be better than ever before. It’s going to be better, bigger and better than ever before. And whoever I’m prophesying to, you’re competition down the street that you think is roaring loudly, your roar is soft because God is not allowing that roar to be heard into the spirit realm. It’s falling to the earth. Oh Father, we thank You. We thank You for Your voice this day. In the name and by the blood of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

There’s someone watching or that’s going to watch and you’ve lost property to the bank in your lifetime and God says that He’s replacing. It’s not going to be the same property but He’s replacing 7x better. He says it’s coming back to you in this season, in this next year. I really see it coming at the first of 2021, but it’s coming back and God says start speaking it now. Roar. Make your declarations over that and start moving the spirit realm because you’re going to be paid back more than what the bank took. It was lost not by your fault. It was lost, something in business, but it’s coming back. Retribution is coming back. It’s not just an equivalent, it’s more. It’s coming, I see by the first of 2021 it’s coming.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

On 4/9/2020 in our prayer, this is what God said. He said prepare for battle. Don’t give up taking ground. But advance, take back what God has given us. Rebuke sickness, declare health for God’s people and call strength for the weak. And I feel like the battle is that by faith, you release finances into this word to take ground that has been given up.”


“So Father God, we just release unlimited blessings over the sowing today, Father God. We’re just asking You, Father God. You roared today. It’s not us. You roared today. We just followed You. Father God, You did it, Father. So Father, we just follow. We don't have a clue as to how it’s going to look, we just follow.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I come into agreement with that giving word. As I was doing that, the Holy Spirit is all over that. It is a time. It is time. I agree with that.”


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