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April 12, 2020

“So what I heard the Lord say this morning is that He is pushing the boundaries of our expectations today of what He can do through our perceived limitations through these communication lines. We are to raise our expectations this day. His presence and His power can not and will not be limited. We are in His Kairos timing.”


“Thank you, Lord, that Your arm is not too short to fill every place that needs to be filled in this new way. Father, we thank You for what You are doing. Like Konnie said, there’s nothing that can be stopped. There’s no plague that can come near our homes. This does not take You by surprise. This is not too big for You what is going on. I thank You that You have made a way to meet this way, Lord. In this pressing in time, in having to go deeper let us not take for granted anything. But when we are together, I thank You that even now Your power is increasing. In this time it is increasing. The explosion as we have recognized the gift that You have given us, to meet together to praise and worship together in this country. I thank You Lord for the opportunities that we have to learn in this to go deeper in you. That’s what we want.”


“Lord I thank You right now that You have called Your warriors to the forefront. Father God, You have the frontline warriors on what’s going on. And so Father I thank You that we do fight the good fight of faith for standing firm on Your Word knowing that our commander in chief has gone before us, Father God. And Father I thank You that as we war through praise and worship, Lord and we lift up the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus, Father and what You have done for us, with Your Son, Jesus Christ. Father, we will win. We do win the battle. Father, just as the Lion of Judah is roaring now with fire, with the breath of God blowing out of His nostrils and out of His mouth, Father I thank You that You are exposing the enemy that You are doing battle on our behalf, Father. And Lord, I praise You and I thank You, Father God that You have called us for such a time as this to arise and shine for the light of God. In the name of Jesus.”


“A couple of people have been putting on groupme lately a couple things like sonar and I know I have found myself stomping a lot lately. So I feel like the word of the Lord is going down into the earth as well as the atmosphere and on the earth. I feel like His front line that you are talking about Sonja, it’s going down deep and out wide and all through in every dimension.”


“What I hear is that everybody needs to shout to the Lord. Everybody needs to get into the movement of where He’s taking us and where we’re going. So like yesterday, Sonja said get a pot or pan and a wooden spoon and bang away if that’s all you have. Do it. If you’re going to sit there and tap on your table, tap on your table but make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”


“So Father we just thank You Father. We just thank You that You are going to teach us how to overcome this and You’re going to teach us how to win the battle. I see people learning to battle in different ways. I see people learning to battle in unusual ways. I see unusual weapons being passed out of heaven today. It will really, it will really take the enemy out. Just do what I tell you to do. He says, people sometimes you don’t understand what I tell you to do. Just beat, bang and shout but do what I tell you to do and it will take the enemy out.”

Ruth Ann

“And the Lord says this new time and this new season, it’s going to look different. It looks different. So whenever there is a transition, whenever there is a change and you’re feeling or sensing something to do or say, it may feel strange and awkward but the Lord says that is Him because He is moving in a different way. For you are dealing with things that have been unleashed on the earth that have not been unleashed before so I am unleashing my angels. I am releasing my angels. I am releasing my angels to work with you. So work with Holy Spirit, work with these angels as I send them to you. Work with them so you can see the salvation of Me. So you can see the deliverance of Me, so you can see the healing. I’m hearing healing in unusual ways. Just as Jesus spit in the dirt and He laid it on the man’s eyes at that well, He says there’s going to be unusual healings, but when you obey what I’m telling you to do, when you yield to My Spirit, you will see Me move in the miraculous. You will see miracles like you’ve never seen before for there will be things that come upon the earth because of your obedience. As you look to Me as you obey what I’m telling you to do, as you yield to what you’re sensing, what I’m telling you, there’s going to be such an explosion on the earth that the enemy has to flee. He is backed off. The Lord says I am fighting this battle. You are not alone. I have gone before you and My roar has roared. And He says just listen to Me and follow Me. Just listen to Me and flow. When you sense something, obey it because it’s Me. You’re going to think that’s weird. Why am I thinking that, but the Lord is saying I am putting those in you and it’s causing you to respond in an unusual way because what it looked like before, it’s not going to look the same. It’s going to look different, so you’ve got to flow with Me for Me to have My way on the earth and I’m giving your strategies and I’m going to show you so just obey what I’m telling you today and you will see the salvation of Me and you will see the miraculous miracles. You will see the miraculous. For I am doing the miraculous in your home, family, in you. This is a new day, says the Lord.”


“Psalm 64:7 out of The Passion Translation, But all the while God has his own fire-tipped arrows! Suddenly, without warning, they will be pierced and struck down. Staggering backward they will be destroyed by the very ones they spoke against. All who see this will view them in scorn then all will stand awe struck over what God has done.”


“So Father God, I thank You for the awe that is coming into the earth Father God. Just the awe that we see how the enemy falls Father God as we arise and shine. In Isaiah 60, Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the Lord will rise upon Thee. So Father, I thank You, Father God that we are awestruck on how You arise up on each one of Your people. And the enemy is awestruck, Father God. I thank You that the enemy is in such awe he cannot understand what You’re doing. I thank You, Father God that the enemy is in total confusion. I thank You Father God that as the people of God arise, confusion comes into the enemies camp. So much confusion, they cannot, the enemy's camp cannot stay ahead of the people of God. The people of God keep the enemy in total confusion until his camp gives up and gives in. And I declare that again. His camp gives up and gives in Father. And I thank You, Father God, I thank You, Father God that You come upon us. That we release through You, such boldness, such anointing, such power that comes off of us, Father God and it says, but the Lord shall arise upon Thee and the glory shall be seen upon Thee and the Gentiles shall come to Thy light and the kings to the brightness of Thy rising. Lift up Thy eyes around about and see they gather themselves, they come together. Thy sons shall come together from afar and Thy daughters shall be nursed at their sides. So Father God at this time, when the enemy thought he was bringing destruction, and You are bringing people and families back together, Father God when the enemy thought he was bringing confusion and You’re releasing the spirit of awe into your people, Father such awe that we overtake the enemy, Father. And I thank You for those things, Father. I thank You.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So Father God, we thank You for the confidence that’s being released into the earth. And there’s somebody watching today that’s waning a little bit in confidence. I don’t know if you’ve been around somebody that’s sick, or you think you’re sick or what’s going on, but there’s somebody waning in confidence. And so Father, we just lift that person up and we ask Father God for a restoration of confidence. A confidence that You’re there. A confidence that You’re the healer. A confidence that You’re the protector, Father. So Father, whoever this person is, I feel like they’re on watching. I feel like they're watching, so whoever it is Father God that’s waning in their confidence, Father God that’s not sure, right now even about their state of health. So Father God we lift up the health and put Your glory around them Father God. We just say for Your glory to come around them. Your healing virtue to fall around this person, Father God to come into their throat because they’ve had throat irritation. To come into their throat Father God to come deep into their throat and bring healing Father God, healing into their ears, healing into their nasal passages, just healing Father God. Healing, Father God.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“Father God I thank You Lord that we can do nothing in our own self, but with You all things are possible. So Father God, I speak to this individual, I speak to those that may have lost their confidence or wavering with a sense of heaviness. So I’m taking the heaviness off in the name of Jesus. I speak to all symptoms, all symptoms, negative symptoms in this person’s body and I take it off of you in Jesus’ name. I speak to the vocal cords, I speak to the larynx and the esophagus into the lungs and I say all inflammation, all build up of mucus and swelling be gone in Jesus’ name. And in the name of Jesus, this is a lie of the enemy. This is a lie from the enemy and the Lord says do not receive the devil’s report. I come against all fear and anxiety right now in Jesus’ name. I plead the blood of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus. I speak to your ears in Jesus’ name. There’s somebody that’s got some ear issues. It’s almost like you’re, you feel like when you talk, you’re hearing in a tunnel. I speak to all inflammation in the ears in Jesus’ name and I speak to the tubes that run down into the ears that run down into the canal in Jesus’ name and I command healing to come forth now in Jesus’ name and I remove any symptoms out of your ears right now, in the name of Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Father I thank You, Father, that our confidence is in You. We spend time with You and we know You, we trust You, we just not lean on our own understanding but we lean on You. It says in Proverbs 3:5,6 we trust in You in all of our ways we acknowledge You and You direct our path. So Father, I thank You that You give us the spirit of wisdom on what to do. And what I just see is that our confidence is in You, in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! Glory to God.”


“And there’s somebody on that’s real concerned about their children. One has small children and there’s somebody else with grown children and just where your grown children are and there’s a wavering there and you’re very concerned and the enemy is speaking into your ear at this time and your confidence, the confidence even that you have in the Lord needs to be built up, ok. He says I’ve got this. He says your prayers will build a hedge. He says I know where they are, I know what they’re doing. He says I will build a hedge as your prayers are released. So, build the confidence that the Lord can take care of things. And there’s somebody that just needs to turn off the news. There’s somebody on this recording today. Just turn off the news. God says I’ve got it. And I’ve got My people and My people will rise and shine. He said you will see strength rise out of this darkness. You will see My power come out of this darkness. He said they have not defeated Me. He says they have not defeated Me. He says I am on the throne and I’m in charge and whoever has small children, He says I’ve got them, I’ve got them totally. He said there is a hedge around them. He says My blood is protecting them. He says you walk with confidence. You walk with confidence.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I just saw something. And I saw it, it goes back to what Jan said about stomping. I saw grasshoppers in your home and around your home and the Lord said get up and stomp on them. He said get up and stomp, you smash them in the name of Jesus. You get up and you stomp on them and as you stomp, that sound will penetrate the earth and it will change the frequency in your home. It will change the frequency of what you’re thinking about. It will change the frequency of what you’re speaking because you’re going to start speaking with authority once you get up and you do something. Get up and stomp on the grasshoppers and they will not overtake you, says the Lord.”


“Twelve spies went into the promised land and they came back with a report. We looked like grasshoppers in the sight of the giants. It was them that said they looked like grasshoppers not that the giants called them grasshoppers. It was their own view of themselves. So as you stomp, as you stomp around your house, as you declare who God is, as you declare the kingdom of God around your house, remember you don’t look like a grasshopper in the sight of the enemy. You look like a giant and that’s who you need to remember you are. You are a giant in the kingdom of God. You are the warrior. You are chosen to ride in God’s army. So be the warrior that God has called you to be. Be the warrior that He’s called you to be.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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