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April 11, 2021

“A few minutes ago we were going really deep in the ground. We were going really deep in the ground and I heard the fallow land is being churned up and metaphorically, that is the fallow ground of our hearts that are being over turned and resurrections seeds are being planted, are being planted into our hearts. Resurrection seeds are being planted in the ground. We are the resurrected body of Christ and the land is being resurrected today. Put on your resurrected clothing this day in Jesus’ name.”


“You are more than enough. You are El Shadai. You are the guardian of the gates and You’ve given us more than enough. We have shalom. Enough for ourselves and enough to give away. We are the head and not the tail. We are above and not beneath. Getting under that spout, Lord, we receive. We open our mouth wide and you fill it. We open up our arms wide and fill it.”


“I don’t really know what this means but the Lord just showed me the Mississippi River and I saw the steamboat and the steamboat said Delta Queen. The Delta Queen is churning in the waters. So Holy Spirit, we just say churn Your Spirit in this state. Navigate, Holy Spirit as You are the rudder. Churn the waters of the Mississippi River. Churn the waters of the Mississippi Valley. Holy Spirit, we just agree that You are refreshing the water this day.”


“So earlier, I don’t know if some of you at times, but when Konnie will stand there and as she’s playing the drums her feet will be going up and down up and down like she’s running almost. And so I saw that. I saw her doing that when she was playing the drums. I saw her running but also what I saw was I saw the angel standing. It was almost like they were standing at the start of a marathon point and all of a sudden somebody shouted go. And an angel started running towards Mississippi right now. They are surrounding Mississippi, running towards Mississippi and so now somebody has opened a call of action. So now is the time to bring out the decrees and whatever else you may have and open those up and send out a reminder that these are the proclamations and decrees that whatever we may have. And also what I heard was in talking about Mississippi here again and kind of going off what Konnie said about the Mississippi River, in Choctaw, it’s interpreted as meaning big river is what’s interpreted as. It’s time to bring the big river back. It’s time to take it back is what I heard.”


“I had a dream about the Mississippi River and I forgot about it until Konnie said that. But it seems like in my dream I had been working with the FBI like underground stuff but it was over. And I walked out and all of a sudden I was on the Mississippi River and it was real clear. You could see straight down through it like when you’re at the beach or like Destin or somewhere. Everywhere was clear. So Lord, we just declare and decree that there’s no muddy water in Mississippi. Lord, that You’ve sent the angels to clear up the water and it’s clean and it’s pure and it’s running and flowing and it’s efficient and doing what it is supposed to be doing. There’s no more monsters in there, hidden things in there that need to be revealed. We release the cleansing, we release the clear. Lord, we’ve done the FBI work, the undercover work so that now, Lord it’s flowing clear and free in Jesus’ name. Bringing in what needs to be bringing in and taking out what needs to be taken out. Lord we thank You for those angels and we release them to do Your work on Kingdom behalf.“


“And we declare this day that Mississippi, you shall be transformed. Mississippi, you shall be transformed, Mississippi we shall see what God has intended for Mississippi. Racial division will be broken off the state of Mississippi. Mississippi we see your provision. Mississippi, we see God’s wisdom, His righteousness, His grace. We see His breakthrough. We see His provision that everything that God has decreed over Mississippi. We say Mississippi, the racial divide shall be gone in the state of Mississippi. Every provision that God has decreed and declared, Mississippi shall provide it. We shall start to see miracles in the state of Mississippi. Creative miracles will come to the state of Mississippi and they will be so phenomenal people will come from around the world to see this phenomenal thing God has done in the state of Mississippi. History shall be written concerning those things that they see in Mississippi because the miracles will be so phenomenal that it will bring people from all over to see this thing that has been done in the state of Mississippi. I declare here today that the state of Mississippi shall be transformed.”


“And so as Mississippi is the rudder, so is the United States of America. It leads America in the direction that it’s to go with everything that was said in the name of Jesus.”


“I heard the word Yazoo and I didn’t know. I asked the Lord if it was the city and He said no and so I looked it up and what it means is to blow on an instrument. It’s name is said to mean to blow on an instrument so Lord we release Your sound to go with Your word. And we release that clarity sound that separates and divides bone and marrow and soul and spirit and brings forth the pure and the true thing in Jesus’ name.”


“And I just speak Your Word too in Joel that says that 2 people, they lunged together in war they don’t jostle each other and get in each other’s way but they move forward like a unit and I just declare and decree what Shirley said. That we’re gonna lead the way in Mississippi and the races coming together and the kingdom. And we’re gonna move together. Yazoo also means a parallel tributary. Father, we’re all going to carry our own gifts and talents and move together as a unit. We cannot be stopped and we’re gonna honor each other in strength and move together. We’re gonna show the world like Shirley said on how to do that and we’re gonna lead in teaching that and come together in unity with all our different gifts flowing in Jesus’ name.”


“So Father we just declare over this state, Mississippi, Father God what You want. Father God let all of these words come together. Let the sound, Father God that was released over Your state, Father God go to the north, to the south, to the east, to the west. Let it go into the waters, let it go into the river, Father God and bring about Father God, a unification that the world cannot deny, Father God. Father God, take off old labels of this state, Father God and let the eyes of the beholder see what we are now and where we’re going, not where we’ve been. We reject the old labels that have been placed on us. We reject and say we do not walk in the pain of the past but we live in God’s resurrection power of the future and this state, Father God, we declare this day is resurrection power to the nation. Father God we declare a new healing in this state today. We declare a new healing, Father God among the people groups, Father God. Father God, I live here. I know the healing there but let the world see it, Father God. Let the world see it. Now let the labels come off, Father. And so Father God, where it was only a few that led us in the wrong direction, let the majority see who is following You. And we thank You, Father. We thank You, Father God. We thank You, Father God, that our job as rudder, we can turn this nation. Let Your righteousness come up in this state. Let Your righteousness grow among Your people, Father God. Let the depth of You come upon Your people. Father God, where our people has held You back in the system of religion, Father God, let us move Father God into Your glory to glory. Father God we declare the apostolic alignment to come forth in the state in a correct manner. Yes, Father God, we thank You, Father God for correct apostolic alignment, Father God that will send alignment into the other states, Father. And so Father God, let us receive, Father God. And Father God, we thank You that we are a state of firsts. Firstfruits. But we thank You Father God that we are a state of firsts and we take our place Father God as a birther. Father God, we birthed the first heart transplant. We birthed products as Coca Cola. Father God, we are a birther Father God, so let us birth unity in this nation, Father. Let us birth wealth, Father God that they’ve never seen come out of this state. Bring it out, Father. Bring it out of the oceans, Father God. It’s in the ocean. It's in the river and where man has controlled this Father God, we take man’s hands off and we put it into Your hands Father. Father God let Your hands go deep into the river, the great river because the wealth is there. Bring it up. As the trade between nations is there, Father. Father God, align it and order it into order, Father. And so Father God, we thank You for who You are. And so Father, we ask You to reach to Your first. Your first nations here and Father God we have welcomed them many times Father God, but Father God bring not only the welcoming, Father God, but we told the tribes to leave. But Father God, let them feel a deep home root here now. It’s home. And Father, there’s court cases in the Supreme Court that will bring correct alignment for first nations. And so Father, God, we ask that Your hand goes onto those court cases and that man’s plan cannot stop them but Your plan comes through for correct alignment, Father. And I thank You for these things, Father in the name of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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