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September 9, 2019

“Father, let Your glory settle on us in such a way Father, that it displaces things that are distractions from You and what You have for us. Let Your glory fall on us in such a way that the things that are trying to hold us back, the things that are chains, Father that displaces those things, Father. Your glory comes into the thoughts in our mind that we need renewed. Father, Your glory comes into our bodies and the places that need healing, Father. Where anywhere where pain and trauma have settled, Father, we’re asking for Your glory to just come in and begin to displace that. That there is no room for the darkness and what the enemy has brought. We want to walk in new levels in You. The word of God says, Yeshua said before He was taken up to heaven, greater things will you do than I did. And He raised the dead, and healed the sick and delivered and healed everybody that came to Him that had a heart to hear. Father, we want that power. We want Your glory to rest in us so much that when somebody comes to us and wants us to pray and just telling us what’s going on with them, we can just speak healing in that and it is manifested.”

“So the revelation that I’m just getting, it’s something like we need to like catch, is that Father God that created heaven and earth and everything that we know and see created each one of us and He wants us seeking Him and finding Him more than we want it. Creator of the universe is waiting. He wants to come down, He wants to be right there, He wants to walk with us, He wants to be right there, He wants to walk with us like with Adam and Eve. And He’s waiting for us to make that choice and really turn over the things that would be a hindrance and a blockage. So Father God, we thank You. We thank You that Your desire in Your heart is for us is stronger than we could imagine. Lord, let us catch that. That we are so special to You that You so desire a relationship with us waiting for us to draw near. You’re waiting for us. Thank You for that, Father.”

Sheila Zehr.

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