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September 9, 2019

“I just had to share what I saw. Shane, as soon as you took over and started playing, I saw a stampede of horses come with angels and they were up here on this stage and they were fully coated in armor, fully coated. And they were just here, and I’ve been mulling over it for quite some time since Shane started playing. And then, Ruth Ann is talking about how He’s sending the angels. And I want you to know that they are here. I saw this stampede of angels suited up and I’ve been mulling with the Lord going over and over and it was like He finally shared with me what they’re here for is for whatever we need. But we have to speak what we need. We’ve got to call those things into existence that be not as they are. So this angel army is waiting for us to speak out of our mouth and come into agreement with what the Lord has for us. But it takes partnership. We’ve got to speak it forth in faith, we’ve got to decree it and we’ve got to declare it. And it was like the Lord was showing me that there’s finances out there that need to come in. There’s healing in bodies that need to take place. But we’ve got to speak it forth out of our mouth knowing that this stampede of angels is here at our beckoning. We’ve just got to come into agreement with what God’s plans and God’s purposes for our lives and speak it forth. They are here to carry out the plan of God that He has for our life. Right here, today, today.”

Konnie Victory

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