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September 9, 2019

“So when Elijah and his servant were surrounded by the enemy, he said open the eyes. Let my servant see, Lord who’s there. And the hills were filled with angels on horseback. The Bible says that there are angels on horseback ready to do whatever Elijah and his servant asked him to do. And he said, hand us the enemy. Blind the enemy. And God immediately blinded the enemy. Elijah went out and said, can we help you? They led them into captivity. The enemy just followed Elijah and his servant into captivity. See this is what has shown up. Angels. Not just angels standing, it’s angels on horses ready, armored to do your battle. Just like he did for Jacob, just like he did for Esau. This is the year. You’re entering into the year of the mouth and whatever you speak, so shall it be done for you. You are in charge. This is the decade of ‘pey’ in the Hebrew, which means your mouth. Whatever you say, so shall it be done unto you. Set the angels in motion to work for you.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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