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September 26, 2021

“I'm going to share what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing. There’s an intensity in the spirit realm right now. There’s an intensity. And I saw where Roger is over here on this side I saw a thick cloud come in and it is so thick and there’s an intensity and its so real and it’s the angels of the Lord that came in this way and the Lord says that there’s an intensity in the spirit realm. There’s a vibration in the spirit realm. There’s a frequency of My sound that’s doing war against the enemy this day. For there’s a shaking and a rumbling that’s going on in the Spirit and He says yes, I will have My way says the Lord. For there will be those that will be set free this day. There will be those that are healed in each and every way. The land is shaking, the land is rumbling. The enemy can’t stand it, because there’s a war going on and the intensity of it. Victory is now, victory is now, victory is now says the Lord. There is a war going on in the Spirit across this nation and yes you’ve seen the rumblings, you’ve heard the sound, you’ve heard the negative and the demonic speaking, but listen to what I say this day. For you are about to see My glory poured out because I will have My way, says the Lord. This country will be free. It is free, it is not bound. It’s not bound. Do not listen to the negative sound but look for Me and see what I’m doing for I am tearing out the root system of communism in this land, socialism in this land and it starts with you. It starts with you, it starts with where you are planted. So do not resist the rumblings and the intensity of what’s going on but yield to Me and stay focused on Me. Do not listen to the negative sound but listen to My rhythm, listen to My vibration, listen to the harmony of My Spirit says the Lord.”


“So let Me release what’s been placed on my heart. I don’t know who can elaborate on this but I just keep seeing the same two visions over and over again. The first one is I saw a chipmunk with his cheeks all full and what I heard was stockpile. Stockpile. But know the difference between hoarding and stockpiling. If you don’t know what you’re supposed to stockpile I’m sure the Holy Spirit will show you what it is that you are supposed to stockpile. Stockpile but don’t horde. The next thing that I saw was I was looking at my property through my surveillance camera. Assessing the property. But not only did I look at my property but I also saw the property out here through a surveillance camera and then I heard survey your land.”


“How many of you have hummingbirds? This is going to go right along with what she is saying. Hummingbirds when they come around in the spring, they like all of the sweet nectar. Well, this time of the year they are stockpiling on the nectar so they can have the resources that they need to make the flight when they fly south. So Jesus is more than enough to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or imagine. So there is wisdom in what Rahka is saying and there is wisdom in what the hummingbird does. That’s not to get in fear, that is to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. And Jesus is all that we need, yes. Yes but He also expects us to use wisdom. And you know with hummingbirds, a lot of times they will come back to the places that they were in the former spring whether it is at your home or your property. And when a hummingbird comes they survey the land to see if it is the proper nourishment, the proper things that they need to sustain them to survive. So where she is talking about surveying your property, what I am hearing is there’s some that need to pray over your property and survey the land and see what you’ve allowed into your home and onto your property. If it’s not causing you to thrive, and if it’s not causing you to be blessed you need to get rid of it. If there’s something, and I’m talking right now in the Spirit and by the natural means. If there’s something that is on your property or something that just keeps hindering you, costing you finances to fix - equipment or whatever it is, then you need to get rid of it. Because that is a stumbling block and listen to me because I’m talking in the natural, but it affects the Spirit. It affects you in the Spirit from getting to the place that you need to be and it’s called a stumbling block. So what the Lord is saying is stockpile on what you need, survey your land and your property naturally and spiritually because everything that happens in the Spirit realm affects the natural. And what I’m hearing the Lord say is there’s some that are listening and you may be here, you need to get rid of some things and you need to stockpile on the Word of the Lord and what you need in your your Spiritual diet. And if He tells you to stockpile all natural things water, food, or whatever it may be, you need to be obedient to that and not get in guilt or condemnation saying I’m being paranoid. You need to listen to the voice of the Lord and what He is saying to you particularly. Amen. That’s what I’m hearing. And you know, when a hummingbird fills up on that nectar they are able to soar and to fly for miles and miles and miles. And when you have what you need in the Spirit and you have fed on the Word of the Lord, you can soar as an eagle In the Spirit realm and He will show you more. So you need to evaluate what you are feeding your Spirit and your spiritual diet. Amen. And I’m hearing the Lord say out with the old and in with the new. Out with the old and in with the new. Those things that have caused distraction and delays and frustration and anxiety and anger get rid of it. Get rid of it. For what I have for you is far much more better than where you have been. And I just keep seeing physical things that’s on your property. I’m seeing where there’s things that are our own peoples property. You need to get rid of it. And the Lord says yes there are things that are there that you could so to other people but there’s also things that you just need to throw away. Because it’s not doing anything but hurting you spiritually. Hear me now. And there’s freedom when you get rid of the baggage. The spiritual junk, the physical junk get rid of it. I’m hearing the Lord say that there are things that are on the property that is hindering individuals' total healing and restoration. It’s not necessarily something that the enemy placed there it’s just excess baggage. The enemy has nothing to do with it. So Father in the name of Jesus, anything that’s on my property, I’m going to take this for myself, anything that’s on my property show me what I need to get rid of. Anything that’s in my Spiritual diet that is not bringing nourishment and thriving and growing spiritually of You, Father, show me so I can get rid of it. Lord, I want to stockpile on the things of the Spirit and those things in the natural which you tell me to In Jesus name.”


“And I’m hearing the Lord say that it’s time to get real with you. The Lord said that it is time to be true to yourself and get real. You know when I came in here this morning I kept hearing freedom. Freedom. I’ve heard it since yesterday. Freedom, freedom, freedom.”


“OK whatever the intensity was in the Spirit realm it broke. Hallelujah. It’s broke in this place.”


“Before you picked up that tambourine, I was hearing that today we need to dance like Miriam did. So I am just getting that even more so we need to dance the dance of Miriam.”.


“I agree with that because I was hearing a while ago dance, dance, dance, dance. And I’m like OK.”


“So Father God in the name of Jesus, we choose to fly and soar with you this day. We choose to fly. We choose to fly and Father I thank You where there has been a wing that has been broken on any prayer warrior on any intercessor on any believer Father, that healing is now. Restoration is now. And Father I decree and declare in the name of Jesus that we will soar like an eagle. We will soar in the Spirit and we will look at everything from Your point of view, not from what is in front of us and what is above. We will look down, Father and we will see the whole situation as You see it. And Lord, You will cause our our eyes to focus in on the area not only in our lives but what is happening in our nation, what is happening in our state, what is happening in our counties, our cities, our communities what is happening and what You want us to say Father is what we will see. And Father, we will get Your perspective on it. And Lord, we will ask You what do You think about this. I just heard Him say just ask Me what I think about it. And so Lord when we ask You, You give us the answers that we need. We’re not striving to find what’s going on, we’re not striving, but Father we are thriving and we are soaring just like the eagle. So Lord we choose to fly and soar with You this day. Hallelujah. And I thank you Father, I just decree and declare in Jesus name that when You show us the things that You want us to see, You give us the strategy and the wisdom and the understanding on what to do, that we are not striving to do something but we are thriving in it to see it accomplished, in Jesus name.”


“Right here we need to obey God. We need to get up and we need to move and we need to dance. This is the last day of the feast of joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Let’s get up and let’s move just a two step. Let’s move in the name of Jesus.”


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