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September 22, 2019

“I’ve been standing there trying to make sense of this and I just decided if it’s not going to make any sense I’m just going to say it anyway. And I kept saying, God, revelation, revelation. But I’m just going to say it like it came. I was sitting there and I was praying into the freedom and I heard glory, glory. If you get the glory, you get the freedom. If the glory comes into you, you get the freedom. And I kept hearing zig zag, zig zag, zig zag and then Ruth Ann said change the sound. Konnie went up there and said pivotal and I heard pivot. I kept hearing zig zag and I heard evasive maneuvers. And I thought to myself, God we don’t need to invade the enemy, we can overcome the enemy. He said no, zig zag. Get behind the enemy lines, get behind the enemy lines. Zig zag. Don’t go straight on, but go zig zag, back and forth. And I also saw the glory zig zagging through our DNA. You know our DNA is not a flat line. It goes in a helix motion so the glory was pinging through our DNA. Zig zagging up lighting it up.”

India Nichols

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