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September 22, 2019

“Ok, so what I was seeing a little bit earlier was, it was like the Ancient of Days and the cloud of witnesses and they are peering over the balconies of heaven. And I feel like we are in such a pivotal place right now prior to crossing into this new era. Like each one of us are pregnant with promise. And as women, we know when we are carrying this baby. We’re listening for the heartbeat. I’m hearing the heartbeat of the Father, breathing promise into this baby that we’re about to give birth to. And I heard the Lord ask me, what are you going to give birth to? So I pose that question to you. The Lord is asking what are you going to give birth to because we’re about to cross over into this new threshold. Are you going to be mindful of what you say? How are you going to walk in the promise and purpose that I have for your life? And that’s just what I’m hearing.”

Konnie Victory

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