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September 22, 2019

Prophetic Song

“Can you hear the sound? Sound of freedom. Sound of freedom. Sound of freedom. Freedom to the land. Can you make a sound? Can you make the sound of freedom? Can you make a sound of freedom? Walk in the sound. Walk in the sound of freedom. Walk in the sound, walk in the sound of freedom. The horses are running. Can you hear the heartbeat? Their thundering now. The horses are running. Get on your horse and ride. Get on your horse and ride. Get on your horse and ride.”

“So what I’m seeing is, when you think of a herd of horses galloping, I used to read westerns about the stampedes. You have a group of horses and they are going across the land and if you get in the way, you get trampled. So you can either get on your horse and ride with what’s going on, or you might get taken out by what’s going on. So Father God, we just come before You, Father and we say we want to ride with You. The horses, where they are going, Lord, that’s where we want to go. We want to ride with Your plan that You have for this land and for what You have for us, Father.”

Shelia Zehr

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