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September 15, 2019

"This song (Take Us Higher) was written for what Paul Cox taught us the first time he came. And that was how to see things like God sees it. To soar and discern it as God is seeing it not as we see it. And that’s what this song is all about. This guy and girl got together and wrote this song. And they wrote it about what we learned the first time he came. And we keep adding to it because when we learn to see things as God sees it, we become equal, right. You see a part of being an eagle, it says that you mount up on eagle wings. See, that’s something that we get. We think we’re going to be this and be refreshed. That one statement, mount up on eagle wings means I have to go up. I have to push myself up. We don’t like to read the instructions in the book, do we? That means I push myself there, are you with me? So I want you to sing this song. I want you to get into it. I want you to start out asking God to put.. you’re coming up. You’re coming up and as you come up, open your eyes to see things as He sees it. It’s seeing as He sees it. That’s what this whole song is about. We’re eagles. We will fly with you. We see what You see. And Paul taught us a word then that we didn’t know and it was called dimensions. It means ‘heaven’ in the Hebrew. So that’s where this word comes from. He actually taught us to go into heavenly places with the Father. So that’s where I want you to go today. I want you to go into a heavenly place with the Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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