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September 15, 2019

Song sung by Julie at Neshoba County Fair (Run For The Roses) - in depth description of the song/meaning

Every time when that song comes up, there’s a story behind that song. They are very prophetic. Sheila pulled the old song about “Mounting up on Wings of Eagles”, and that was a stretch for us. We were challenged to bring Paul Cox into the state that was a huge stretch at that time. And then she ends with, I know some of you haven’t heard it before, you’re thinking what’s going on here. Well, let me explain the rest of the story. After we brought Paul Cox into this state, I’m like ok God, everybody’s upset, what happens, and all of this. And we receive a knock on our fair cabin door. And there’s a beautiful lady standing there and some of you know her and some of you don’t. Her name was and still is and she knocked on our fair cabin door this year. This is way back in 2004. She knocks on our fair cabin door, a very beautiful lady by the name of Julie. And she’s holding her guitar and she said, God told me to bring you a message. And she said, it’s not a religious message, but this is what you're supposed to do. She invited us to sit down and she sang that song to us. And every time that song comes up, God requires the next level of us. When Sheila pulled it out, I didn’t ask for it, but Sheila pulls it out and I don’t ask for it, I’m like, help me, God, it’s the next level because that’s what she explained to us. God was requiring the next level. Now some of you don’t understand what she explained to us, but I’ll explain it to you because she said it in my language and my language is horses. I did the rodeo for years, that’s why my back is like it is. And she explained it to me and she brought it in the language that I understand. You see, the thing about it is, you can watch things like the Kentucky Derby. You watch a race that you have no investment in. You watch somebody succeed that you have no investment in. The people that go into that starting gate with those horses, and I want you to hear my heart when I tell you this. They have a 4 year investment in that race. That’s a little bit different, is it not? Because what they do if you saw the movie Secretariat, they planned the breeding on that horse to have the perfect generations of the sire and the perfect generations of the mare to come together to make the perfect race horse. They study it. In the movie, how she knew that Secretariat was the horse was for her to lose the bet on, and I’m going to explain to you if you don’t know this, why she wanted to lose the bet. She understood she had to lose the bet but she understood what she had to do when she lost the bet. She studied the generations. And she knew looking at the 2 generations, that the generations between Boll Ruler and I can’t think of Secretariat’s mom right off hand, those generations would have been the perfect sire and mare coming together over the other horse and mare. Now, everybody thought that even those were the perfect generations, they know that an 18 year old mare does not provide the bone structure, because we’ve had that happen this year with one of our horses. The bone structure necessary to build a horse to withstand. So she knew she had to overcome a battle of building the right bone structure in the horse. They only show you in the movie the spindly colt. They don’t explain it to you. Do you get what I’m saying? They show you the spindly baby in the movie. They don’t explain that she’s got now to overcome it. That’s her first year. Then she has to build the bone structure in the right structure in the horse for him to go to the racetrack as a 2 year old. As a 2 year old, all of these horses that go into the derby have to win a certain number of races to get the invitation to enter. There’s thousands that go after it every year. There’s only 20 that make the invitation. That’s why this song says that it’s so rare that you hold out to make the invitation to the winner’s circle. Is that not amazing? There’s thousands. Can you understand that what Julie said to us and when the next level is required, is everybody with me? When the next level is required, there’s training, there’s preparation, there’s getting things ready. I don’t know how long it’s going to take to meet the requirement, but it’s getting the preparation to meet the next level of God. It’s what you put together. It’s overcoming to meet the next level with God. God’s asking for a new level today and what I said earlier this morning, if you mount up on eagle’s wings, and the word wait, King James did us an injustice. Study it out. I have stood in the chamber where King James was born and prayed the prayers that God told me to pray to wake up our world. Because he changed some words that shouldn’t have been changed. And one of them was ‘wait’. And if you look up the original text, it means if I’m seeking God. So if I go to the next level, I’m constantly, in order to mount up on the eagle wings, in order to go where I need to go, I have to constantly be seeking God for the next level. It’s not a choice of waiting. If you read that word as wait, you will do absolutely nothing and you will miss God. That doesn’t mean that I go do something stupid. That doesn’t mean I go make a decision today, I’m seeking God for the decision. It means that basically but, wait gives us the connotation that God is going to show up.

John Ramirez said something at dinner the other night that I am still mulling over. I am still getting it. John was high level in the occult and all of that and he made a statement just talking randomly and he said, and I’m going to sum it for you, not like he said it, but I’m going to sum it up for you. Even when satan was angry with his own people, the only way he could deal with his own people was if a man spoke against his own people. Are you thinking about that one? Do you want me to tell you that one again? Even if satan is angry with his own people, see you think satan can do anything, right? You say, satan did it. Is everybody with me? Yeah, you say satan showed up and did it. He’s got to have a man to speak evil against his own people for him to do anything harmful for his own people. And John often said, I would be that man.

Now, so I’m seeking God and I'm going higher and we just heard the song that says you're going up to another level. I require a new level. Because that’s the song that was brought to us when I was mulling and grumbling over everybody grumbling at me over Paul Cox. You know you get ready to quit and give up and shut everything down at that point. Well, that’s when she knocked on the door and it changed. I’m like, ok God I can’t quit. God just said it in my language. Because like you know the disciples went back to fish, the first thing I do is get the rodeo horse and here we go again. That’s the easiest thing for me to do. So basically, God sent it in my language. I require another, because I understood everything that was being spoken through that song. I understood the requirement. And I understood what it took to get to that level. We don’t always run thoroughbreds and for you people that don’t know the difference, we run quarter horses. But I can remember when I got the invitation. We didn’t win it, but when I got the invitation to run in the big race with the quarter horses. I didn’t win it, but you know what a thrill it is when your horse is top enough in the nation. I’m not talking about the state, or the county or the county fair. I’m talking about in the nation to get the invitation. I have never thrown that invitation away. My horse ran. We got to California with him. That was major to get to California. See, that’s what God wants to do. He wants to send out the invitation and says I need for you to run this race. And what happens after you get the invitation to that race, it’s not the end. Can you get it? How many of you watch the Kentucky Derby? I’m relating to one you see on TV. And what do they say? Is he going to run the Preakness? Is he going to run the Belmont, right? See, the one race is not the ultimate. It’s the preparation then for the next higher step. Are you getting what I'm trying to get you to see? So once you got the invitation to the Derby, you really want the invitation to the Preakness and then the Belmont. Those invitations are sent in the mail, folks. Did you know that? It’s not that I’m just going to go enter my horse. That’s a whole different way of looking at it. I hear, I heard I might get an invitation, but when it really came in the mail, it was like the ultimate thing I carried up my driveway in my house to show everybody. What about when God does that for you? You’ve accomplished this level. I need you to come and I invite you to the next place. And see, at this point, we’re entering into the decade of the mouth. I want you to think about what John Ramirez said. Satan had to have a man to curse his own people so he could come against his own people when he wanted to bring destruction on them. Do you think I walked out of there and said, you know my whole thing was I’m going to win this. And I didn’t win it. But my whole thing had to be not fear in that moment. My whole thing had to be we’re going to California and we’re not just spending this money just to take the horse to California, we’re spending the money to go win it. Did it cost us something? It did folks. It costs. That invitation didn’t mean everything was rosey. Suddenly, the back pocket had to roll out with a cost. And did I have to give up some stuff? Yes. Yes. I’m just now putting a floor down on a place in a room in my house that I would have probably put the floor down back then. Are you getting a picture that I’m trying to paint? Now, where does it go? Does my resources and what I’m called to do, does it go over here from something for luxury or where God called me? That’s another big choice isn’t it? Are you thinking with me? And what am I going to give up for that cost? Now, I’m not saying God won’t provide for everything you need, but I’m saying He’s going to see what you will give up to meet Him. I could preach about a horse race all day and you could get it, can’t you. Julie brought that in my language. Is this making sense? Yes, she spoke it to me in my language.

Ruth Ann McDonald

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