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September 1, 2019

“The first song that you were singing, Shekinah glory come down, I saw the throne of God descending in this place and I saw the river of life flowing from His throne and I thought I’m going to test this. So I slid over and got in the aisle and I felt the power of God flowing in and through me and as soon as I stepped out, by way of confirmation, you said here comes the wave. And I felt the cool breeze of the water. So I feel like the Lord would say that I am releasing My river of life and He is extending an invitation to step in. To step in and to receive your healing. To step in and receive your deliverance. To step in and receive the love of Yeshua, the love of the Father. We welcome, we welcome Your Kingdom, Your throne and we say be established in this place King Jesus.”

Konnie Victory

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